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Hawkgirl, real name Kendra Sanders, is a supporting character. She is from the planet Thanagar but grew up in Venezuela and sometimes speaks Spanish. She is a kind but strict girl and a real stickler for the rules.

She is also a skilled detective.


  • Aerial Adaptation
  • Atmospheric Adaptation
  • Levitation
  • Flight
  • High-Speed Flight
  • Aerial Combat Mastery
  • Wing Manipulation
  • Wing Manifestation
  • Blunt Weapon Proficiency

The Sharp-Eyed Sheriff

As the hall monitor at Super Hero High, Hawkgirl takes pride in making sure that the students are always following the rules. Her days are planned down to the last minute, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have just has to be scheduled!


  • Mace of Justice


Hawkgirl has hazel brown hair with blond streaks, light brown skin, and yellow eyes. She wears a hawk eye mask on her head like sunglasses, with her big bird wings sticking out of her back and a yellow vest with green pants and red and gold boots. Her Nth metal belt allows her to fly.


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