"Hawkgirl's Day Off" is the fourteenth webisode of Season 2.


At the start of the episode, Batgirl, Supergirl and Bumblebee, are walking a blindfolded Hawkgirl into the SuperSpa. Batgirl then takes off her blindfold, to reveal the SuperSpa. Hawkgirl looks around in surprise. Supergirl then explains that Hawkgirl's been working so hard lately with her classes and hall-monitoring. Batgirl then chimes in, by saying they thought she could use a day off. Bumblebee then lists the different features of the spa, flapping her wings, when mentioning the Wing Rejuvination.

The girls, then take a relaxing mud-mask, with Batgirl, Supergirl, Bumblebee and Hawkgirl lying down on the deck-chairs, enjoying the mask. Hawkgirl however, grumpily takes off her cucumbers and mud-mask and walks into the mud-bath room. She steps her foot into the mud-pool, wondering how it's relaxing. The mud then begins to bubble and Mrs. Clayface suddenly rises from the pool. Hawkgirl then angrily asks, what Mrs. Clayface is doing there. Mrs. Clayface then angrily protests, by asking Hawkgirl what she thinks. When Hawkgirl says crime, a fight ensues.

Hawkgirl, then lunges and tries to kick Mrs. Clayface. She misses and Mrs. Clayface grabs Hawkgirl and rapidly extends her clay-arm, shooting right past the girls, who are still enjoying their mud-mask. Hawkgirl then breaks free and soars forward, punching Mrs. Clayface, causing her to split into miniature versions of herself, that then flee and combine into one blob, running into the Sawna. Hawkgirl follows her in and angrily remarks Mrs. Clayface is in hot water.

Mrs. Clayface, cheakily remarks, "Don't you mean hot steam" and begins to throw a hot rock at Hawkgirl, but Hawkgirl, quickly manages to catch it and throws it in Mrs.Clayface's general direction, while she was running away, causing her to slip and fall into the mud-pool. Hawkgirl jumps in after her and jumps ontop of Mrs. Clayface, just as one of the SuperSpa staff members, explains the Mud's soothing abilities and that Mrs.Clayface is a regular customer, while the other girls watched.

Hawkgirl, then drops Mrs.Clayface and apologizes for fighting with her. The splash-down however, causes Batgirl, Bumblebee and Supergirl to get soaked with the mud. Later Bumblee and the girls apologize to Hawkgirl about their spa day, being more of baddie beating day, but Hawkgirl then explains she had great time and says that she relaxed, via catching bad guys, but Batgirl then explains Mrs. Clayface's husband is a criminal, not her. Hawkgirl agrees and compliments the mud-mask, explaining that her wings have never felt that soft.





  • This episode was listed as the 16th webisode of Season 2 on YouTube.
  • Hawkgirl removes her slipper when feeling the mud. After Mrs. Clayface punched her away, she has both slippers back on.
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