DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
Supergirl Almost there...
Bumblebee Just one more step...
Batgirl Pow! Surprise on!
Hawkgirl The Super-Spa?
Supergirl You've been working so hard lately, with classes and hall monitoring.
Batgirl And we thought you could use a day off.
Bumblebee They have mud pools, massage, and even that wing rejuvenation everyone's been buzzing about.
Hawkgirl Uh, thanks?
Bumblebee Isn't this amazing?
Batgirl Crime? What crime?
Hawkgirl This is supposed to be relaxing? Mrs. Clayface!
Mrs. Clayface Hawkgirl!
Hawkgirl What are you doing here?
Mrs. Clayface What do you think?
Hawkgirl Crime!
Mrs. Clayface What?
Bumblebee Did you hear something?
Batgirl Just the sound of my inner peace.
Hawkgirl Give yourself up. You're in some serious hot water.
Mrs. Clayface I think you mean "hot steam." How about a hot stone massage?
Lady And I see your friend has already taken advantage of the restorative powers of our mud bath. It's Mrs. Clayface's favorite.
Hawkgirl Huh? Her favorite?
Lady Oh, she's one of our regulars.
Hawkgirl Oh, um, well...
Mrs. Clayface Oh, that's the stuff.
Bumblebee Sorry your day at the Super Spa was more about being a super than being at the spa.
Hawkgirl But I had a great time. You relax by going to the spa, I relax by catching bad guys.