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Hawkgirl first appeared in Wonder Woman at Super Hero High on March 1st, 2016.


She brings Wonder Woman to Amanda Waller's office.[1]

It is revealed that she is an orphan and was raised in Venezuela by Ms. Muñoz.

Graphic Novels[]

Finals Crisis[]

In Finals Crisis, Hawkgirl appears flying over the school the day before Semester Finals. Later that evening, she appears observing for villains in Metropolis for extra credit with Lady Shiva and Wonder Woman. She and Shiva both tell Wonder Woman that they got perfect scores on the Weaponomics pop quiz, meaning that they are still tied for top of the class with her. They spot Giganta attacking Steve Trevor and engage her in battle. Giganta eventually retreats to Centennial Park, where Hawkgirl and her classmates defeat her and capture her. While she and Lady Shiva prepare to return to the school to rest before Finals, Wonder Woman tells them that she plans to pursue more villains. Hawkgirl reminds her of the school rule establishing the buddy system on after-hour villain nabbing, but Wonder Woman tells her that she will do it for fun. After Finals, Hawkgirl appears in the crowd of students around Principal Waller as she congratulates the students for passing Finals.