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Hawkgirl's first doll will be released sometime in 2017, as well as her first Action figure.


Basic Action Doll[]

Doll stockography- Action Doll HawkgirlDoll stockography- Action Doll Hawkgirl 2
  • Line: Action Dolls
  • Release: Late 2017
  • Assortment number: TBA
  • Model number: TBA

Doll: Hawkgirl is 12 inches tall, with long dark brown hair, featuring caramel highlights reaching down to her waist, and tanned skin with green eyes.
Clothes: She wears her yellow vest, featuring the Thanagarian logo in the centre of her torso, as well as some dark aqua-green pants.
Accessories: She also wears a Thanagarian belt, a pair of sunglasses, red and yellow boots and golden bracelets, as well as her wings which are attached to her back.
Extras: None
Notes: None

Action Figures[]