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Alrick McDougal (also known as Headmaster McDougal) is a minor character in the DC Super Hero Girls television series, serving as the main antagonist of the episode "School Ghoul."


He is old and has white hair.

Description in the series[]

He makes his first appearance when Babs and Kara arrived to McDougal Academy to help Tatsu with a ghost problem (who she originally wanted Diana to help her), where he notices Babs' homemade shoelaces and confiscated them, proclaiming that anything that is too fun is not allowed and will be taken by him.

Later in his office, he encountered the ghost of Siobhan McDougal who started chasing him all over the school until he reached the bell tower, where at first he thought the ghost would end him, only to possessed him as she revealed her life until her death by his ancestor. Realizing what happened, Mcdougal willingly return the pin back to her, allowing her to crossover as this changed him.

The next day, it seems that after what happened, Headmaster McDougal returned all of the student's belongings, including Babs' shoelaces.