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Helen is a minor one-time character who made her only debut in the episode "Small Victories".


On the surface, Helen is shown to be a woman zapped of any emotions as the appearance of Wonder Woman never took her by surprise or asked for help. However, for a brief moment, she did show a small glim of happy when she swinged Wonder Woman's sword and impress how powerful it is.

Depiction in the series[]

When Wonder Woman is asked by Bumblebee to retrieve a Key drive from Hacker Helen's House of Hard Drive on the east side, she encountered Helen, who was just standing behind the counter. When Helen asked Wonder Woman any reason why she here, Wonder Woman asked for the Key Drive but because she didn't remember what type it was (and Bumblebee's scream of terror was mistaken for the later "E") she asked for "E" Drive and when Helen asked how she will be paying for it but since Wonder Woman doesn't have her wallet, she traded her sword for the drive.

Afterwards when Wonder Woman left the store, Helen swung the sword, which cut the a few monitors on the wall in half, being impressed of how strong the sword it.


Episode Appearances[]

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