Hero of the Month: Batgirl is the seventh webisode of Season 2.


The webisode starts off in the science lab as Amanda Waller's about to announce the new Hero of the Month. The projection screen in the Science lab then cuts to a live video feed of Batgirl, who's busy altering an image and gasps when she hears she's got the Hero of the Month. Her friends; Bumblebee, Supergirl and Wonder Woman cheered for her when it was announced.

The webisode cuts to video feed of Harley, who's about to place a whoopee cushion on a teacher's chair, she explains how Batgirl's got a gift for working with gadgets and gizmos and talks about how she upgraded Wonder Woman's shield, while a clip of Wonder Woman using it plays. The video then cuts to Bumblebee who explains how you wouldn't be able to get anything by Batgirl, with her skills, with a clip of her hacking into the school database to find out who ate the last superfood cake, who turned out to be Harley.

The video then goes to an interview with her dad, Commissioner Gordon who explains how Batgirl's aim maybe good now, but goes on to show us an embarrassing photo from her childhood, showing her to have been a messy eater. Just then Batgirl shows up in his office and uses her grapple gun to grab it off him, feeling awfully embarrassed. Finally Batgirl is seen cartwheeling up the steps of the Super Hero High Bell Tower, landing in front of a Bat-signal, with Amanda Waller proclaiming her Hero of the Month.




  • This episode was listed as the eighth episode of season 2 on YouTube.


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