"Hero of the Month: Beast Boy" is the twenty-sixth webisode of Season 2.


The webisode starts off with Beast Boy walking into the student lounge but is caught off guard when Principal Waller announces him for this month's Hero of the Month. Beast Boy becomes excited and shouts his catchphrase, "YEAH MAMA!" The next scene shows Hawkgirl explaining how Beast Boy is an excellent battle partner. It shows Hawkgirl and Beast Boy, while in his octopus transformation, taking down a bunch of bad guys, easily winning successfully and which Beast Boy and Hawkgirl celebrate their victory by giving each other high fives afterwards.

Star Sapphire comments when Beast Boy is not "monkeying" around, he could be a really great friend. It shows the flashback of Star Sapphire being upset that no one remembered her birthday. Beast Boy walks in and gives her his cupcake which resulted in Star Sapphire hugging him for remembering her special day.

Starfire gives her turn of compliments and she says Beast Boy may maybe the cute and cuddly but he can be the ferocious of beasts! It cuts to Beast Boy transforming into a crocodile, getting ready to defeat a nearby villain.

Finally in the last scene, Supergirl asks Beast Boy how he will spend his time being the Hero of the Month and Beast Boy replies that he's just going to chill. He transforms into a sloth and relaxes lazily in a chair, scratching his tummy.




  • Based on Beast Boy's comment on the end, it can be inferred that this episode takes place on a Saturday.


  • This episode was listed as the twenty-eighth webisode on YouTube.
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