DC Super Hero Girls Wikia

AMANDA WALLER: Super Hero High is pleased to announce... The Hero of the Month is Bumblebee.

AMANDA WALLER: Bumblebee consistently demonstrates heroic cloud.

LOIS LANE: Another day saved by Bumblebee.

WONDER WOMAN: She likes music! Loud music!

HARLEY QUINN: Bumblebee's funny is funny!

BUMBLEBEE: Was that the... Save The Day alarm I just heard?

AMANDA WALLER: Bumblebee saves the day as big and small ways.

AMANDA WALLER: And that's why our Hero of the Month is Bumblebee.

BUMBLEBEE: Oh, for reals?! I'm the Hero of the Month?

AMANDA WALLER: How did you?--Oh. Bumblebee: Hero of the Month.