"Hero of the Month: Frost" is the twelfth webisode in the second season of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries.


Pricipal Waller is about to announce the Hero of the Month award, while the main group of friends are watching from the student lounge. Waller then announces it as Frost, and Frost and Catwoman then high-five, with Frost accidently freezing Catwoman's hand in the process.

Bumblebee, while she's listening to music on her laptop, explains how smart Frost is which cuts to a clip of Frost working out a maths problem in class. Supergirl, who's busy sipping milk shake, explains how Frost has very cool powers, with a clip of Frost using her ice powers to create an ice-slide to save a little boy, who was drowning in a pool.

Frost in the classroom is still giving the answer to the maths problem. After that the VT cuts to Wonder Woman, who's lifting weights in the school gym, she explains how Frost never gets cold feet when it comes to fighting Super Villains, while a clip of Frost fighting Solomon Grundy plays, showing her using her ice abilities to pin down Solomon Grundy.

The VT cuts back to Frost answering the maths question, just as she finishes, with Waller announcing her as Hero of the Month, as the screen begins to become covered in snow-flakes.





  • This episode was listed as the fourteenth webisode of season 2 on YouTube.
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