Hero of the Month: Harley Quinn is the fifth webisode of Season 2.


The webisode starts off in the Super Hero High library, with Cheetah, Lady Shiva, Catwoman, Hawkgirl, Katana and Supergirl crowded round a laptop, with Amanda Waller about to announce the new Hero of the Month. She goes on to announce that who the Hero of the Month is, before cutting to a scene with Harley tearing through a large paper wall, and announcing it's herself.

The scene then cuts to a video of Batgirl, who is punching some punching bags in the gym. She explains how Harley's way of saving the day can be very unique, showing off various clips of Harley's rescues, such as rescuing a falling Lucius Fox with a large whoopee cushion. It then goes to Bumblebee, who comments on Harley's creativeness, while a clip of Harley squishing Poison Ivy's vegetables and making soup plays.

It finally goes to Wonder Woman, who's busy curling up her Lasso of Truth, while saying that Harley's a fun friend, with a clip of Harley throwing a glitter bomb directly at Wonder Woman in an attempt to decorate Wondy's room. The webisode finishes with Waller announcing Harley as Hero of the Month, with Harley commenting on why they are so serious with the Hero of the Month award.




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