- For her work as head hall monitor, her position in the Hall Monitor's Hall of Fame is secured, and-
- No talking in the library! One demerit!
- I suppose the rules apply to everyone!

Principal Waller and Hawkgirl

"Hero of the Month: Hawkgirl" is the fifteenth webisode of the second season of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries, and twenty-eighth webisode overall. It premiered on October 4th, 2016.


Principal Waller is about to announce the new Hero of the Month, as Hawkgirl is reading a book. When Waller announced Hawkgirl as Hero of the Month, an approaching Beast Boy, offers a high-five, but Hawkgirl quickly hushes him. Hawkgirl then takes flight through the library, while Waller talks about her hall monitor position, as she flies over Catwoman and Cheetah, landing in front of Waller, who's continuing to comment on Hawkgirl's award, but Hawkgirl gives her a ticket for talking in the library. Amanda then agrees with Hawkgirl, and expresses that the rules apply to everyone.

A clip of Hawkgirl investigating a crime scene appears, with Waller explaining how Hawkgirl's a member of the Junior Detectives Society of Metropolis, she maintains peace and justice, all while Hawkgirl deduces Lionmane, to be the criminal. Bumblebee explains how Hawkgirl's a great friend which then cuts to a clip of Hawkgirl revealing Bumblebee's surprise birthday to her, with all her friends in attendance. Hawkgirl explains how rule no.28 of friendship, says to never forget a friends birthday.

Principal Waller then finishes the presentation, announcing Hawkgirl as Hero of the Month, while Hawkgirl swoops up and around the Amethyst crystal on top of Super Hero High.





  • This episode was listed as the 17th webisode on YouTube.
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