Skills, style and selflessness. Katana - Hero of the Month.

Principal Waller

Hero of the Month: Katana is the tenth webisode of Season 2 of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries.


The webisode starts off in Principal Amanda Waller's office, with her about to announce the Hero of the Month Award via video live feed. She then announces Katana as the recent Hero of the Month, while Katana shreds her outline in a paper poster of her, using her sword and then walking through, raising her sword.

It then cuts to her VT, with a video interview of Batgirl, who explains how Katana knows how to "slice and dice", while a clip of Katana slicing a cake with her sword plays. The VT then cuts to Star Sapphire, who is in front of her mirror, doing her makeup, while remarking she loves Katana's creative style, and a clip of Katana using her sword to create a chain necklace out of nun-chucks and some black shuriken plays. It finally cuts to Starfire, who talks about how Katana is willing to lend a helping hand, with a clip of her using her sword to cut the parachute of a pilot, who had become stuck in the tree, freeing her and catching her in the process.

Finally, Amanda Waller finishes off complementing Katana on her skills of style and selflessness, while she's giving The Flash a hair cut using her sword, and closes off with announcing Katana as Hero of the Month.




  • This scene showing Katana slicing a cake is recycled footage from New Beginnings.


  • This episode was listed as the eleventh webisode of season 2 on YouTube.
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