"Hero of the Month: Lady Shiva" is the twenty-fifth webisode of Season 2.


The webisode starts off with Amanda Waller in her office, about to announce the Hero of the Month, as Lady Shiva is busy training in the gym, using a punching bag. Waller then announces her as Hero of the Month, just as Shiva stops in awe of her achievement, getting hit by a punching bag she'd just hit back.

It then cuts to a video recording of Batgirl, who's busy at her computer. She compliments Lady Shiva on her Martial Arts skills, showing a clip of Shiva practicing her skills on cardboard cut-outs of criminals. The video then cuts to The Flash, who explains the similarities between them both, remarking that they both like numbers, adding that they sometimes even like numbers together, showing a clip of Lady Shiva and The Flash working together on a Mathematic equation. Just as The Flash finishes Lady Shiva's equation he holds Lady Shiva's hand, finishing their sentence together, and looking at each other closely.

The video then finally cuts to Big Barda, who explains that she and Lady Shiva really get along well, just as Lady Shiva pokes her head round from behind the corner, asking Big Barda whether she's ready for their girl's night out. The two then take to the streets, battling a large group of thugs, together. Both them of manage to knock out a considerable amount of thugs, with Lady Shiva calling it fun, while high-fiving Big Barda. Amanda Waller finally announces Lady Shiva as Hero of the Month, just as Lady Shiva jump kicks in the air.





  • This episode was listed as the twenty-sixth webisode of season 2 on YouTube.
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