Hero of the Month: Supergirl is the second webisode of Season 2.


The webisode starts off with Amanda Waller announcing Supergirl as the Hero of the Month, while Supergirl's busy in Super Suit design class, drawing a horse. Wonder Woman cheers for Supergirl, as she gasps from surprise. Amanda then goes on to say that Supergirl hails from the planet Krypton, and how she's one of Earth's newest Super Heroes, while showing off a copy of Supergirl's photo in the Super Hero High year book.

It then flashes to an interview with Poison Ivy, while she's lounging on a deck chair and being fanned by one of her plant monsters. She comments on how she likes the fact that Supergirl got her Super Powers from the sun, exclaiming how plant-like it is. It then goes to Harley, who is busy swinging wildly on her trapeze and remarks how Supergirl's got a knack for making a dramatic entrance, while showing a clip of Supergirl whooshing past her classmates and accidently crashing into the side of the school. It finally goes to Batgirl, who explains how Supergirl always manages to pull through and save the day, showing a clip of her tying up Granny Goodness with a pipe, as well as helping to light a camp fire for her friends.

Supergirl then finally lands on top of the school, nearly slipping, but eventually managing to stop herself from falling, with Amanda ending the video with; "Supergirl: Hero of the Month".




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