"Hero of the Month: Wonder Woman" is the thirteenth webisode and final webisode in the first season of the DC Super Hero Girls web series.


Principal Waller announced that Wonder Woman has received the Hero of the Month award, as students including Katana, Cheetah and Beast Boy watch while in the cafeteria. When the award is announced, Wonder Woman and her friends begin to cheer in celebration. Clips of Wonder Woman from her childhood appear with Waller explaining how Wonder Woman discovered her powers from infancy on the female dominated island Themyscira, moving on to explain how she has broken the school's saving record, while showing clips of her saving people in a school bus that's about to fall off a cliff and saving a little girl who was falling, ending in the little girl lovingly thanking Wonder Woman with a hug.

Bumblebee explains how Wonder Woman is super strong as a clip of Wonder Woman is shown smashing a falling piano which then falls and crushes Cheetah who is watching from below. Harley expresses how much of a good friend Wonder Woman has been to her as a clip of Harley hugging Wonder Woman is shown.

Finally Wonder Woman is remarked as a leader, a princess, and most of all: a friend, and finishes by fully congratulating Wonder Woman as hero of the month, as she hugs with her best friends.




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