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[ Theme Song ]
Scene opens with the logo "DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year".
Scene: Super Hero High School at night. The amethyst is shown right away.

(Wonder Woman is sleeping in her dorm, Bumblebee sleeps in her dorm, Supergirl sleeps in her dorm (who's floating up and down), Harley Quinn sleeps too, and Barbara sleeps too while she's in her laboratory. The Save The Day Alarm beeps onscreen.)
Oracle: Intruder located in Sector D.
Barbara: Thanks, Oracle! (to the girls) Come on, girls, it's hero time!
Harley Quinn: (wakes up) Huh? Where's the snooze button on this thing? (lies down again)

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Supergirl: (stammers) Supergirl is up up and away!
(Supergirl is dressed as a superhero form)

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Wonder Woman: (spins around and dresses up as a superhero form) Time to save the day! Or... night.

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Bumblebee: Drones, swarm!
(Bumblebee is dressed as a superhero form)

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Oracle: (takes the hood on Batgirl who makes Batgirl dress up as a superhero form) Your hood, Ms. Batgirl.
Batgirl: Pow! Action on!

(As the superhero girls run in the hallway, while sneaking out.)
Batgirl: Oracle shows the intruders as close. He must be hiding!
Supergirl: I'll look in the classrooms.
Bumblebee: And I'll check the lockers! (shrinks and flies up inside the locker and sees a tuna sandwich and smells it) Eww!
Batgirl: Any sign of that criminal, Bumblebee?
Bumblebee: No, but an old pumpernickel sandwich at Beast Boy's locker just committed a crime against my nose! Bleugh!
Supergirl: (uses her X-ray vision, looks around and sees someone hiding inside) In there! (crashes inside the room and catches a skeleton (?), and punches it and the lights are back on) Oh... (chuckles) Mr. Bones, aren't you looking trimmed?
Wonder Woman: This way! (she and the superhero girls run again and look for another classroom and face each other and they appear inside) Big Barda? How'd you get back here?!
Big Barda: Wonder Woman? I— (Wonder Woman is about to charge at Big Barda) Whoa! (Wonder Woman loses it)
Batgirl: Hey! (throws her Batarangs to fight Big Barda but she hits the batarangs)
Bumblebee: You mess with the bee? You're gonna get stung! (stings Big Barda as she misses it)
(Big Barda grabs Mary Marvel's outfit as a shield as Bumblebee stings her. Supergirl then uses her laser eyes (who's charging at Big Barda), but she misses it. Wonder Woman appears at Big Barda.)
Big Barda: Truce?
Wonder Woman: Big Barda. You're going back to Belle Reve Juvenile Detention.
Big Barda: No! (she uses her weapon to defeat Wonder Woman but Wonder Woman's shield is cracked because of Big Barda) (gasps) Sorry! I—
Batgirl: Ha! Got her!
Amanda: (appears) What's going on here?
Wonder Woman: Principal Waller! We captured known criminal, Big Barda.
Amanda: Girls, this is new student, Big Barda.
Bumblebee: What?!
Supergirl: She tricked you, Principal Waller! Her plan to take over the school are right here. "AP Weaponomics, 8:30. Intro to super-suits, 9:30."
Big Barda: My class schedule! I was making sure I knew where all my classes were. So I wouldn't be tardy on my first day!
Batgirl: You let her into Super Hero High? But this is a school for superheroes! Not supervillains!
Bumblebee: Maybe Big Barda erased her memory when she helped brainwash everyone?
Amanda: I trust Big Barda has reformed just like Vice Principal Grodd did. So, please, make her feel at home.
Wonder Woman: (chuckles nervously) At my home, this would call for an olive branch! But... (uses her Lasso of Truth to grab a ribbon to make it into a rose) Would this do?
Big Barda: Yeah. Thanks.

Scene: Big Barda's dorm.

Wonder Woman: This is your dorm room!
Big Barda: (chuckles happily) Wow!
Wonder Woman: You can trick it out! With whatever decorations you brought from home.
Big Barda: Home? This is all I got from Apokilips, but that's not my home, anymore. Darkseid's got a zero-tolerance policy for girls gone good. I guess that makes me a stray. Like blonde.
Supergirl: Me?!
Big Barda: Uh... Granted getting out stood from Apokilips is less dramatic than you're a whole planet going kablooey like... (laughs) Krypton kaboom! Right? Oh, sorry. I'm not good with small talk. I just never had much time for it between combat practice avoiding the abyss of anguish and working on my evil laugh. (evil laugh) Uh, that last one was that joke. (The superhero girls laugh nervously) I guess I'm not good with jokes either.
Wonder Woman: We'd better get some rest. There's lots to do tomorrow for the big Hero of the Year celebration this weekend. Night!
Batgirl: See ya, Barda!
Supergirl: Bye!
Bumblebee: Night!
Big Barda: Night!
(The superhero girls walk away tired as Big Barda stands here and hops on her bed and sleeps.)

Scene: Supergirl's dorm.

Batgirl: I thought I was the only night owl here. What're you doing up?
Supergirl; Couldn't go back to sleep.
Batgirl: Wow! Who are they?
Supergirl: My parents. I don't wanna forget what they looked like. But art's not my thing. I can't get it right.
Batgirl: Come on! (Outside Super Hero High, she was in the lab) State-of-the-art police sketch program. But it'll work for this, too.
Supergirl: It looks just like them.
(Back in Supergirl's dorm, she places her picture in the wall and then sleeps again. Her crystal shines bright (like a jewel))

Scene: Super Hero High's classroom at morning. The Super Hero High Supers are shown walking in their seats. Gordon was seen writing on a chalkboard as the superhero girls appear and say hi.

Wonder Woman: Hi, Commissioner Gordon!
Bumblebee: What's up, Commish?
Supergirl: Morning!
Gordon: Babs, I saved you a seat up here.
Batgirl: Dad, I'll be fine in the back.
Gordon: But, Babsy Bugs, you might miss something in my lecture about the three aspects of a crime that must be established to determine guilt.
Batgirl: Means, motive and opportunity! I have the means and motive to sit by my friends, so I'll take this opportunity to use this desk. Besides, Dad, we'll have plenty of time together this weekend, since you're my date to the Hero of the Year ceremony.
Gordon: Aww! (he hears the bell ringing) Alright, students! For today's forensics assignment, everyone needs a partner.
Hawkgirl: (nervously covers her mouth) Partner?
(The Flash and Frost split in)
Poison Ivy: (laughing)
Harley Quinn: Oh, yeah!
(Batgirl and Supergirl fist-bump. Wonder Woman and Bumblebee get a thumbs up.)
Hawkgirl: Cyborg? Do you want to be partners?
Cyborg: Sorry, Hawkgirl, me and Katana make a main team!
Hawkgirl: Starfire?
Starfire: I'm enjoying the dynamic duosity of being the partners with Miss Martian.
Hawkgirl: (looks at Poison Ivy) Ivy? (at Frost) Frost? (at Supergirl and Batgirl) Supergirl? (and at Wonder Woman and Bumblebee) Wonder Woman?! (freaked out) Oh, no...
Beast Boy: Whaddup, partner! (appears with a bat form and transforms back into a human form)
Hawkgirl: Beast Boy...
Beast Boy: Let's get forensicing, mamma! (Hawkgirl is annoyed. The Supers keep studying) ... (transforms into a dog form) I gots it!
Hawkgirl: You solved the assignment?
Beast Boy: Nah, I finally got that itch I couldn't reach! (panting) Oh, yeah! That's the spot.
Hawkgirl: We have an assignment to do. Stop monkeying around!
Beast Boy: I wasn't monkeying around. (transforms into a monkey form) This is monkeying around! (He attempts to "monkey around" and swing around the lights as the Supers laugh as funny.)
Gordon: Beast Boy! Get down from there!
Beast Boy: (transforms back into a human form) Aw, man! Everybody's always griping at me! It's: "Stop that! Don't go there! Get yo tail outta my soup, Beast Boy!" (groans)
Hawkgirl: If you want people to take you seriously as a proper hero, you can't be so wild.
Beast Boy: Could you teach me?
Hawkgirl: (laughs miserably) Me? No way! You need a lion tamer! Or a horse whisperer, or something.
Beast Boy: Pleaaase?!
Hawkgirl: I'll think about it.
Beast Boy: Yeah, mamma! (Hawkgirl looks nervously at Beast Boy)

Scene: Outside Super Hero High School. Gorilla Grodd pulls up a rug and Poison Ivy adds new flowers for the first time she did.

Crazy Quilt: Oh, fabulous work, Ivy! (chuckles)
Poison Ivy: Thanks, Mr. Crazy Quilt. They say you shouldn't gild the lily, but they didn't say anything about roses.
Crazy Quilt: Oh, spectacular sparkling, Sapphire!
Star Sapphire: Thanks! I love sparkles!
Crazy Quilt: Cheetah! Put that trophy back where you found it!
Cheetah: (groans angrily and mocks a little) "Put that trophy back where you found it."
Lois: This is Lois Lane, live at Super Hero High where everyone is busy preparing for the annual Hero of the Year ceremony! There are two of the nominees now, Hawkgirl and Cyborg.
Hawkgirl: Good morning, Lois!
Cyborg: Hey! Shout-out to all my fans out there! Can I get a "Boo-yah!"?
Lois: And there's another Hero of the year nominee, Katana! (Katana starts to use her sword in a martial-arts to cut the papers made of everybody) And here's Lady Shiva! Lady Shiva, what's it feel like to be nominated for Hero of the Year?
Lady Shiva: The joy I find in this honor is nearly as great as the pride that swelled inside of me when I defeated the army of rampaging boogy beasts! ...Using nothing but my left pinky toe.
Lois: Intense!
(Lady Shiva runs up to the wall and jumps off the walls and throws her knifes to the Hero of the Year poster.)
Lois: Ooh! There's Flash! (runs to the Flash)
The Flash: Uh, is that camera on? (stammering and protesting) Gotta go! (runs away)
Lois: And this year's final nominees, Wonder Woman and Bumblebee! What will you do if you win?
Bumblebee: I never really thought about it! I mean, I got a sweet suit that lets me fly, (shrinks down) shrink... (grows up back to her normal size) and Bumblebee blast. (blasts her stings to remove the mess as Parasite freaked out) But this isn't the "Best Dress Awards"! As far as heroine goes, my fellow nominee and bestie, Wonder Woman, here, is straight up on fleek.
Wonder Woman: Aw, thanks, Bumblebee!
Lois: Supergirl and Batgirl! As new students, you didn't meet the minimum time to qualify this year. So, who do you think should win? (Supergirl and Batgirl face each other and look at Wonder Woman and Bumblebee)
Batgirl: Well, um...
Harley Quinn: (appears) Harley Quinn here! I first dreamed of being a hero when I was a babbling baby! And I saw a superhero on the telly!
Oracle: Suspicious activity detected at the Amethyst!
Wonder Woman: Come on!
(The superhero girls fly off as Batgirl uses the grappling hook to go up.)
Bumblebee: Ew! It looks infected.
Batgirl: (uses Oracle to highlight the inside castle) No trace of trespassers.
(Wonder Woman and the superhero girls land down)
Amanda: I saw the alert! What's the status?
Lois: Breaking news! Something's going on with the Amethyst!
Amanda: Thank you, Lois. But we have top secret matters to discuss. (hovers Lois away)
Hawkgirl: I'm here for the top secret meeting.
Amanda: How did you know?
Hawkgirl: Lois' report! (shows Amanda her phone that says "TOP SECRET MEETING AT AMETHYST", and Amanda rolls her eyes)
Amanda: I've never seen the Amethyst do this before. It could be natural. A gem fungus or parasite. But until we know what's going on, we'll post a guard around the clock.
Hawkgirl: I call dibs on the first shifts!
Amanda: Excellent, Hawkgirl! Wonder Woman, coordinate the guard schedule.
Wonder Woman: You got it, Principal Waller!

Scene: Supers' living room.

Wonder Woman: We don't know what's behind this change with the Amethyst, but we need to be extra vigilant.
Big Barda: (appears next to the Supers) Ohh...kay? I guess my invite to the party got lost in the mail?
Lady Shiva: (stands up with a yelp and points at Big Barda) Big Barda! Lead warrior in the Female Furies and active in the attempt to conquer Super Hero High!
Wonder Woman: Stand down, Lady Shiva! Big Barda is a student here now.
Lady Shiva: Where's the hidden camera? Huh? (to Harley Quinn) Is this another prank, Harley?!
Harley Quinn: (groans) Oh, I wish! That would've been a doozy!
Lady Shiva: (desperate) Seriously? Principal Waller let her in?!
Wonder Woman: Mmm-hmm.
Batgirl: (to Big Barda) Don't mind Lady Shiva. She's still smarting from that time when you brainwashed her father and generally threatened everything she loves.
Big Barda: Yeah. Sorry. But whatever you need now, I'm up for it.
Wonder Woman: Thanks, Barda! You can relieve Hawkgirl after her shift guarding the Amethyst.
Big Barda: Cool!
Lady Shiva: (raged) Really?
Wonder Woman: She wants to help, and we need help. (Lady Shiva sits down) Just in case, everyone needs to be prepared. (to Katana) Swords sharpened! (to Bumblebee) Electric stings charged. (to Lady Shiva) Nunchucks... uh, chucked. (to Batgirl) Batgirl, could you fix my shield? It got cracked last night.
Big Barda: Whoops!
Batgirl: This is beyond my expertise. You need someone who knows metal!
Wonder Woman: Hmm... Sounds like a job for the Master Alchemist of Themyscira! Who's up for a field trip?
Bumblebee: Right on!
Batgirl: Yeah!
Supergirl: Me! Can we take the Batjet?
Batgirl: You know how freaked out my dad gets about me flying halfway around the world?
Bumblebee: Technically, Themyscira isn't halfway around the world. It's more like a-third of the way!
Wonder Woman: Your dad won't even have time to worry. We'll be back by lunchtime tomorrow.
Batgirl: I'll fuel up the Batjet!
Supergirl: I call shotgun!
Wonder Woman: Alright!
Bumblebee: Yeah, honey! (The superhero girls walk off)
Harley Quinn: Hiya, newbie! Name's Harley Quinn! You probably heard of me.
Big Barda: Um...?
Harley Quinn: Of course you have! As our newest student, you have qualified for the spectacular, amazing, undeniably unique Harley Quinn tour! Can I get a "whoopie-whoopie"?
Big Barda: "Whoopie"?
Harley Quinn: Perfect!

Scene: Super Hero High School at night. Hawkgirl flies around to look for no one and flies back down.

Hawkgirl: I'd like to thank my parents for being the wind breath my wings. Or rather, for passing down the family heirloom, my NTH metal belt from Thanagar that enables me to fly. I couldn't have won this award without it.
Dark Opal: (suddenly appears) Brava!
Hawkgirl: What are—?! (grunts)
(Dark Opal and Hawkgirl fight each other with each weaponomics.)
Hawkgirl: Attacking a student, two demerits!
Dark Opal: Only two? That will never do for an overachiever like myself. How about 200?! (hits Hawkgirl with his mega-power as she falls down)
(Dark Opal then flies down and brainwashed Hawkgirl to grab her NTH metal belt to steal and hands it.)
Dark Opal: NTH metal from the Planet Thanagar? What a wonderful start. (teleports away (!!!))
Supergirl: Aunt Martha, it's just a quick trip to Themyscira.
Martha: As long as you're all still coming to the farm for dinner after the big awards ceremony.
Bumblebee: Wouldn't miss it! Your mashed potatoes are the bomb!
Martha: Thank you, Bumblebee. Supergirl will get plenty of those while she's here over school break.
Supergirl: Oh, I don't know, Aunt Martha. Are you sure you want me there? I don't wanna put you out.
Martha: Of course! Supergirl, you know you can make yourself at home with us. We love you dear.
Supergirl: I, uh... I appreciate it. Bye, Aunt Martha!
Batgirl: Talking to the Kents again?
Supergirl: You know the drill. A call every day...
The Flash: Speedy delivery for Supergirl!
Supergirl: ...and a cookie care package every week.
Bumblebee: Lucky! I call the snicker doodles!
Batgirl: You may have just met the Kents a few months ago, but points to Martha for already having all your favorite foods down.
Wonder Woman: (chuckles) Yeah. My mom still insists that I love olives, just like she does. Olives? (gags) The texture? (scoffs nervously and walks in the Batjet)
(An unknown enemy appears and goes under the Batjet and disappears.)
Wonder Woman: To Themyscira!

Scene: Themyscira. The Batjet lands in. The Amazons cheer for Wonder Woman.

Amazon 1: The princess has returned!
Amazon 2: Oh, she came back! Yes!
Amazon 3: Welcome home, Princess!
Amazon 4: This is wonderful!
Wonder Woman: Mother!
Hippolyta: Diana.
Wonder Woman: I can't stay long. I just need my shield repaired!
Hippolyta: The only one who can repair such damage to Themysciran ore is the Master Alchemist.
Alchemist: It will be my honor, Princess.
Wonder Woman: (to the girls) Come on! I want to show you guys my home!
Supergirl: Home...
(Her crystal then glows white.)

Scene: Supergirl's dreams "(Krypton)".

(Supergirl's pony rides everywhere.)
Supergirl: Mom!
Kara's mother: Welcome home, Kara! How was your ride?
(Supergirl now gets down and sees Krypto licking her cheeks.)
Supergirl: Amazing! We found this.
Kara's mother: A Mnemosyne crystal? Once we get this polished, it will be very powerful.

Scene: Themyscria.

Bumblebee: Hurry up, Supergirl! I hear the ambrosia here is delish!
Supergirl: Um, coming! (flies inside)
(Supergirl flies off. The shadow is now arrived.)

Scene: Themyscria's hallway.

Wonder Woman: And that's the royal spa!
Bumblebee: Sweet! Huh? Is that a pedicure chair? My toes are tots in need of some TLC!
Supergirl: Hey, Batgirl, I think there's something weird with my necklace. I touched the Mnemosyne crystal and saw something! Krypton.
Batgirl: Interesting! I can do some tests when we get home.
Wonder Woman: Supergirl, over here! If you stay here during school break, this will be your room!
Supergirl: Oh! Yeah. Nice.
Bumblebee: I thought you'd stay at the Kents over the holiday?
Supergirl: I haven't decided! I mean, they say I'm welcome, but maybe they're just being nice. I don't wanna be a charity project.
Wonder Woman: Come on! The throne room is this way.
Hippolyta: Diana! You're skipping over the best room!
Wonder Woman: Mom, they don't wanna see that! (whispers) It's embarrassing!
Bumblebee: Embarrassing? Well, now we have to see it. Lead the way, Miss Queen Hippolyta!
(Wonder Woman groans. Hippolyta opens the door and takes a look at the shiny trophies.)
Bumblebee: Whoa! This room is... gleaming!
Supergirl: Are all these awards yours?!
Wonder Woman: Well, you know-
Hippolyta: These are just from the past year! We had to build a whole wing on the other side of the palace for Diana's elementary school honors. Come look at this! It's the key to the city of Metropolis!
Supergirl: Wow!
Batgirl: And I thought my Dad driving around with that "My daughter is Hero of the Month at Super Hero High" bumper sticker was bad!
Wonder Woman: Shh! Don't let my mom know those exist. She'll plaster her chariot with them!
Hippolyta: Diana, I want to show you something.
Bumblebee: Wow! An invisible trophy?
Hippolyta: No. This is where we'll put the Hero of the Year trophy!
Wonder Woman: But I haven't won yet! The competition is really fierce. I think Bumblebee has a good chance!
Bumblebee: Girl, look around you! You got the Hero of the Year prize in the bag.
Hippolyta: Precisely. And to celebrate, we feast. Come along, girls.
(The girls and Hippolyta walk away.)
Wonder Woman: Aww, Mom...
(Hippolyta and the girls see the dinner.)
Hippolyta: Who wants olives? Diana?
Wonder Woman: Mom, I don't like olives!
Hippolyta: Since when? It's in our blood to like olives!
Bumblebee: More for me!
(Bumblebee takes the bowl of olives and they begin to laugh.)
Bumblebee: Mmm!
Alchemist: (arrives) Your shield, princess.
Wonder Woman: (sees the shield) It's perfect! Thank you. (kisses Alchemist)
Alchemist: I wish it serves you well in your quest to win the Hero of the Year award.
Hippolyta: Of course, she'll win! I was going to give you a gift after tomorrow's ceremony. But why wait? Come.
(The shadow then arrives again)
Hippolyta: The Tiara of Triumph.
Wonder Woman: (chuckles) Oh, hello!
(The shadow takes it up the ceiling as the Tiara falls down.
Hippolyta: Oh, my Hera! The ruby!
(The shadow, in invisibility, hits Bumblebee.)
Wonder Woman: Hey!
(Supergirl uses her X-ray vision to find a shadow.)
Supergirl: There!
(The superhero girls are about to get the shadow.)
Wonder Woman: It's gone!
Batgirl: Down there!
Bumblebee: What is that thing?!
Batgirl: We'll find out when we catch it!
(The superhero girls then fly up and get the shadow, but Bumblebee's wings zapped in her back as she falls down.)
Supergirl and Wonder Woman: Bumblebee!
(Bumblebee falls down as the superhero girls catch her and bump into each other.)
Bumblebee: Thanks for breaking my fall, guys!
Wonder Woman: What just happened?
Bumblebee: I don't know! I think my power cut out.
Batgirl: Talk about a major buzzkill!
Wonder Woman: Anybody see which why that thing went?
Batgirl: No, it's gone.

Scene: Themyscira.

Hippolyta: The amazons will find that creature and reclaim your ruby for the ceremony tomorrow!
Wonder Woman: Thanks, Mom.
Hippolyta: (hugs her) My heart is filled with pride for your Hero of the Year triumph.
Wonder Woman: I'll do my best. Bye, Mom!
Hippolyta: Goodbye, darling!
(The Batjet begins to fly away.)
Alchemist: Godspeed, sweet princess.
(The shadows grab Master Alchemist but the screen turns black.)