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DC Super Hero Girls: Hits and Myths is the second graphic novel based on the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. It is written by Shea Fontana with illustrations by Yancey Labat. It was published on November 8th, 2016. It is a retelling of the ancient Greek epic poem the Odyssey attributed to Homer.

Official Description[]

WONDER WOMAN, BUMBLEBEE, BATGIRL, SUPERGIRL, POISON IVY, KATANA, and HARLEY QUINN are about to face their most dangerous super hero mission yet!

While studying THE ODYSSEY for Professor Etrigan's Super Hero High class, these super-powered students embark on a journey where they face off with a cyclops seek help from a witch, evade sirens, and travel to the underworld! Will they rescue their teacher escape from the villainous Trigon and recover Batgirl's Batplane? Or will their quest be an EPIC FAIL?


Chapter One: The Journey[]

At the Metropolis Docks, Batgirl battles Lion-Mane as Supergirl and Wonder Woman arrive to help her. Wonder Woman manages to restrain him from behind, but he gets away and throws a “kitty litter stink bomb” to hide in a smokescreen of smelly gas. The three split up to find him, with Supergirl using her X-ray vision to look inside a shipping container, but only finds bananas, Wonder Woman asking dock workers if they have seen him to no success. As Lion-Mane hunts for Batgirl through the maze of shipping containers, she ambushes him and hits him in the head with a fish as Wonder Woman captures him in her Lasso of Truth and ties it a post on the dock, leaving him hanging upside down. As he is sent into a Metropolis SCU truck, Wonder Woman orders Supergirl and Batgirl to get him to the SCU while she runs some errands before school. She saves a dog from being run over by a truck before returning it to its owners and uses her Lasso to get a muffin from Steve Trevor at Capes & Cowls Café in an organized routine. As she approaches the school, she gets a phone call from her mother Hippolyta, and they discuss the slumber party she and her friends will be having at Themiscyra tonight. As she ends the call, she tells her that she must read the Odyssey before class. While flying in the hallways, she encounters Bumblebee, who thanks her for attending her DJ performance last night, Starfire, who asks her if she will attend to the Model United Planets Luncheon to which she confirms, and Katana and the Flash who respectively compliment her on her moves at yesterday’s Heroball scrimmage and asks if she will attend the game on Monday, to which she also confirms. She arrives at the library, where her thought and commitments distract her from reading. As the bell rings to end study period, she rushes out of the library to Professor Etrigan’s Intro to Epics class, where Harley QUinn asks about Odysseus. Etrigan proceeds to briefly summarize the Odyssey while Wonder Woman dreams being the main character in the summary while sleeping in class. She wakes when Etrigan asks her a question, but the bell rings to end the class before he can repeat to her the question. After Wonder Woman arranges the departure for the slumber party with Harley to meet at Batgirl’s batplane, she packs her clothes and her copy of the Odyssey in her suitcase and arrives to her friends with the batplane missing. After all the attendees admit to not knowing what happened to it, Wonder Woman orders them to “divide and conquer”, while being followed by Harley, Bumblebee and Batgirl postulate if someone could have stolen it, and Supergirl and Miss Martian fly to check Metropolis.

Chapter Two: The Cyclops[]

As Batgirl mentions that the plane has been made untraceable, Bumblebee calls a meeting of the Metropolis Junior Detective Society. While searching for clues at the crime scene, Bumblebee shrinks and finds a hair sample. At the Batcave, Batgirl runs the sample for a DNA test, which finds it synthetic. The Flash then claims to know where it is from and races through the hallways to Vice-Principal Grodd and attempts to remove his toupee, believing the hair sample is his, only for Grodd to harshly reprimand him and deny wearing a wig , much to Hawkgirl and Bumblebee’s exasperation. Batgirl then postulates that the most likely place to find a wig at the school is at the theatre department and leads the Junior Detective Society there. The Cheetah, using her phone while standing at the door to the theater department denies them entry, as it is a closed rehearsal, even to Hawkgirl’s Hall Monitor badge. They leave her and Batgirl leads them to the doors of the auditorium, where Bumblebee shrinks to enter the keyhole and open it from the inside. While looking for the source of the wig from the auditorium’s backstage, Hawkgirl accidentally makes the curtain collapse, and they get noticed by Star Sapphire, Ravager and Mammoth as they rehearse. Ravager tells Mammoth to act along, declaring Batgirl and the Junior Detectives Society as intruders, and engaging them in combat, which the Cheetah joins in on. The intruders are eventually defeated and captured in a cage construct by Star Sapphire while Ravager improvises a monologue proclaiming victory over the intruders who violated the sanctity of the theater. Batgirl tells her that they are only trying to help them protect the sacred space of the theater and Hawkgirl tells them that someone has been stealing their wigs, showing her the wig sample. Ravager casts doubt, as the costume closet is always locked and only three keys exist for it. They are released from the cage construct and Ravager opens the costume closet with her key, only to find it ransacked. Ravager tells them that the other keys are in the possession of their faculty advisor, Professor Etrigan and Principal Waller. The Flash finds a copy of the Odyssey with Etrigan’s name written inside. Believing Etrigan is in trouble, Batgirl and the Detective Society race through the halls to his poetry classroom, while the Flash brings up that he is a demon. The others tell him that he is reformed. Upon arriving, they find his classroom also ransacked, and that it reeks of sulfur. Batgirl contacts Wonder Woman, telling them that they “found something important”. Wonder Woman replies “Us, too!” as she is revealed to be in the greenhouse with Poison Ivy and Katana with a tied-up Lobo.

Chapter Three: The Witch[]

Earlier as Wonder Woman and Harley run through the school halls to find the batplane, they encounter Principal Waller, who introduces them to Lobo, a potential new student, interested in transferring to Super Hero High School from Korugar Academy. Harley tells him that she would love to take him under her wing, but she and Wonder Woman have business to attend to before they leave him. At the door to the theater department, Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth on the Cheetah to interrogate her over the batplane, but the Lasso confirms that she has nothing to do with it. When Harley mentions that getting past Batgirl’s security would require “major magic maneuverin’”, Wonder Woman leads them to Super Hero High’s resident magic expert, the art teacher Ms. June Moone, as her real power is the dark arts. They ask for her help as she supervises Katana’s painting project, and after looking through her various potions, she tells them that she is fresh out of the Ultimate Unlocker potion, one of her favorites, which helps her when she forgets her keys and locks herself out. When Harley asks her who took it, she mentions that last Monday in the faculty lounge, she tells the other staff that she would like to throw a surprise birthday party for Professor Etrigan, but do not know of any of his friends and family they should invite. After sending a birthday invitation email to all her contacts, the staff initiates the surprise and Ms. Moone gives him the Ultimate Unlocker potion as a present. He exclaims when she mentions that she invited all his non-school friends before abruptly leaving the faculty lounge. As she finishes her story, they hear a loud noise, revealed to be Poison Ivy’s plant Chompy attacking Lobo. Katana, Harley and Wonder Woman defeat Chompy, who Ivy mentions is her alarm system and force him to spit out Lobo, who she says was breaking and entering. They chase after him as he flees the scene, and engage him in battle. He is eventually defeated when Harley hits him with her mallet into the greenhouse, where he gets ensnared by Ivy’s plants. With his new student cover blown, they interrogate him, where he reveals that he does bounty hunting as an after-school job, and that a large bounty has been placed on Professor Ertrigan. His trail went cold when Ms. Moone sent out the birthday invitations, and that he disappeared before he made it to the school. As Wonder Woman receives Batgirl’s message that she and Bumblebee found something important, it gets interrupted when she receives another message from Supergirl, who expresses a need for help, as a chair is thrown at her and Beast Boy.

Chapter Four: The Sirens[]

Supergirl and Miss Martian fly through Metroplis looking for clues to the missing Batplane, and Supergirl leads them to Capes & Cowls Café to ask if anyone saw something. They ask Lady Shiva, who replies that she has not seen anything, but promises that those responsible will feel her wrath. As Miss Martian contemplates leaving due to a perceived lack of leads, Beast Boy appears and although he has not seen anything either, he offers to help by transforming into a hawk and using his hawk vision. The three fly through Metropolis, and eventually come across Portal Coffee Shop, and find a flyer offering the batplane as a grand prize for a Battle of the Bands competition at the coffee shop. The bouncer stops them from entering, and assuming they are a band participating in the competition, points them to the band entrance of the shop. They play along, with Supergirl presenting Miss Martian as the lead singer. Inside, they encounter Black Canary, who dismisses them as another teenage wannabe band and the Bad Banshees, a band consisting of Gizmo, Jinx and Silver Banshee, who boasts that they will take down Black Canary’s band the Birds of Prey. They learn from Silver Banshee the finders keepers rules of the Portal: Lose it here and it goes in the prize bin, as was the sort of the batplane. Beast Boy, Supergirl and Miss Martian smell sulfur, but before they can investigate, they are then ordered to be the first performers for the band competition by the bouncer. They take the stage, with Beast Boy as an octopus drumming with multiple sticks, Supergirl on bass, and Miss Martian on lead vocals and guitar. With Supergirl’s encouragement, Miss Martian faces her stage fright and the three perform Get Your Cape On, with Miss Martians vocals earning praise from the audience. The Bad Banshees and the reigning champions, Black Canary and the Birds of Prey consisting of Black Canary and Magpie, then perform with the lead singers, Black Canary and Silver Banshee having a literal battle of the bands using their ultrasonic screams, hurting not only the ears of Supergirl, Miss Martian, Beast Boy, but also the audience. Supergirl, Beast Boy and Miss Martian then engage the battling bands to stop the battle, with Supergirl getting blasted away by Silver Banshee's voice, Beast Boy getting chased away by Gizmo’s electric drumsticks, and Miss Martian getting attacked by Magpie swinging her guitar at her, despite telling her she would rather resolve this peacefully. As the situation descends into a three-way battle between the three bands, Supergirl uses her communicator to ask her friends for help. Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Katana, Poison Ivy, Batgirl, Bumblebee and the Junior Detectives Society all leave the school to go to the Portal. Upon arriving, they engage the other bands, despite Magpie protesting that bands should only have three members. As Supergirl manages to tie up Black Canary with a microphone cable, Wonder Woman tackles Silver Banshee through a wall into a room and land beside a portal to the underworld. Batgirl realizes that the sulfurous smell from the portal was the same as from Professor Ertegan’s classroom and deduces that whoever took Professor Etrigan used their powers to put the batplane through the portal, but Silver Banshee remarks that the batplane is parked in the parking lot behind the coffee shop. Batgirl runs to the parking lot to recover her batplane, but finds that Black Canary and the Birds of Prey are already flying away in it, taunting her.

Chapter Five: The Underworld[]

Batgirl runs back to the portal room and informs Wonder Woman that Black Canary has her batplane and that they must stop her. Bumblebee remarks that they must rescue Professor Etrigan. Though Wonder Woman remarks that she cannot be in two places at once, Batgirl and Bumblebee remind her to delegate and once again, divide and conquer. She tells Batgirl, Supergirl, Hawkgirl, Ivy and Flash to go after Black Canary and retrieve the Batplane, and the rest of her classmates follow her into the underworld to rescue Professor Etrigan. Upon landing, both Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn step on red stones that activate fire blasters in the walls while searching for Professor Etrigan. Bumblebee realizes that they have a trigger mechanism and tells her schoolmantes to avoid them. When Wonder Woman hears something, she leads her friends to a hallway out of sight from Trigon’s throne, where they hear his underlings tell him that a traitor has been imprisoned for his crimes against the underworld. Wonder Woman deduces that they are talking about Etrigan. When wondering how to find him, they encounter Raven, who offers to show them, though Katana is suspicious of her. Raven tells them that she does not see “eye-to-evil eye” with her father, the demon on the throne, and that she dislikes his father’s homeschooling on how to follow his evil footsteps, finding evil to be boring and that she does not “get to do the any of the cool stuff [they] do at Super Hero High”. She opens a door to their professor, where, remarking that if her father found out that she was helping heroes, she would be grounded for an eternity, before leaving them and wishing them good luck. Bumblebee shrinks to do recon and finds Etrigan imprisoned in a cage of fire. As the students run into the room to rescue him, they run into a smokescreen, from which Trigon appears, accusing them of trying to steal his prisoner. He battles the students, and also imprisons them in cages of fire. Etrigan tells Wonder Woman through the fire bars how he arrived in this situation: for centuries, he looted and pillaged ancient Greece for Trigon, but upon reading a bard’s poem he stole, he fell in love with it, seeing how it contained “the beauty of life”. He chose to stop working for Trigon, and with Merlin’s help, he went into hiding, knowing that Trigon would never forgive him. The surprise birthday party earlier in the day, alerted Trigon’s demons to his location, and he fled from the school in a costume, including a wig from the theatre department, and escaped in the Batplane. He was eventually caught by the demons, and brought through the portal, where he has since been imprisoned. As the students wonder how they will escape, with Bumblebee noting that even if she shrinks, it is still to hot to escape, Miss Martian appears, having turned invisible due to all the fire, and was therefore not trapped in a fire cage. Wonder Woman and Bumblebee point her to red stones on the wall like the ones in the hall, postulating that they may control the cages. Miss Martian pushes them, dissipating the cages and freeing her friends. Her friends break for the portal with Etrigan, while Trigon’s demons chase after them. Wonder Woman helps her friends go through the portal while Katana battles the demons. The demons begin closing the portal, as Katana runs towards it and Wonder Woman.

Chapter Six: The Return Home[]

As the other students wait impatiently with Etrigan for Wonder Woman and Katana to emerge from the shrinking portal, they narrowly make it through, and the portal dissipates before any of the demons can make it through. Upon returning to the school, Principal Waller sends Etrigan through a boom tube to somewhere safe while she works out a peace treaty with Trigon. Back in the school hallways, Harley refocuses her attention on the slumber party and mounting the batplane, reminding Wonder Woman, who contacts Supergirl and Batgirl. The other students pursue the stolen batplane to Smallville and tell Wonder Woman that they need their help. Batgirl also says that since it is her plane, to not use powers that can damage the paint, being the reason why Supergirl hasn’t simply lifted it out of the sky. Wonder Woman calls her friends to action, giving Harley the keys to her invisible jet to pursue the batplane with Katana, while the flying students fly with her. Meanwhile, Black Canary notices Batgirl on the wing of the plane, who offers to “work this out”, but she shakes her off plane, and she gets caught by Supergirl. As Hawkgirl tells Wonder Woman and the new arrivals that Batgirl has been trying to resolve the situation peacefully, the batplane runs out of fuel and begins falling towards the Kents’ farm. Supergirl jumps in front of it manages to land it safely before it can hit the barn. Supergirl’s Aunt Martha and Uncle Jonathan arrive and meet up with Supergirl. Meanwhile, Black Canary and the Birds of Prey attempt to escape on foot through the farm’s pig sty. As Supergirl chases after them, Black Canary uses her ultrasonic scream at them, knocking back Martha and Jonathan. After seeing that they are okay, she continues the pursuit with her other friends joining in. Batgirl chases after Magpie, before being cut off by Wonder Woman, and after she gets distracted by her shiny bracelets, Batgirl ties her up with her batrope. Black Condor uses his Wind of Condor to blow away Beast Boy, Hawkgirl and Miss Martian, but Harley appears behind him and hits him with a blast from a superpowered noisemaker. He is then captured by corn plants controlled by Ivy. The Flash distracts Black Canary, holding a wooden board by flying around her. Batgirl gives Supergirl soundproof headphones to block her ultrasonic scream, which successfully allow Supergirl to disarm her and tie her up with a fence. Defeated, Black Canary tries to induce Supergirl to free her by offering her a Birds of Prey t-shirt, signing her cape and writing a song about her, to which Batgirl rejects for stealing her plane. She blames the situation on Magpie, who accuses her of scapegoating her, before adding that Black Condor’s wind of Condor stinking up the tour bus was half the reason she wanted the plane. The Smallville SCU arrives in a tractor with a caged wagon to take away Black Canary and the Birds of Prey, leaving Wonder Woman and her friends to finally be able to go to the slumber party, while Beast Boy adds that now he and the Flash can get back to playing their “Craft of Warworld” game. Wonder Woman gives Beast Boy the keys to her invisible jet to get back to the school with the Flash, and they fly back to the school in it. Hawkgirl reminds Wonder Woman that the batplane is out of gas, to which she replies that if demons can’t stop them, neither can a little thing like gas. Supergirl and Wonder Woman then carry the plane through the air with their classmates inside. Upon arriving at Themiscyra for the slumber party, they are greeted by Hippolyta. Harley Quinn then attempts to start an all-night marathon of movies, games and hair-braiding, only to find her friends already asleep. She attempts to entertain herself by reading the Odyssey, but eventually joins her friends in sleep around the book.





  • Raven's gloves are missing on the bottom panel of page 90.
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