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Honey is a superhero bear and the pet of Bumblebee.


Depiction in the web series

Season four

In Gone to the Dogs Part 2, Honey makes a cameo appearance standing with Bumblebee in front of Super Hero High School after Principal Waller abolishes the school's no pets rule. In Pets Peeved Part 1, Honey appears eating Vice Princpal Grodd's slipper in the Super Hero High gymnasium during a class and gets Bumblebee and the other pet owners threatened with failing for not working together. Later that night, Honey competes with Wonder Woman's pet kangaroo Jumpa in helping an old lady cross the street, resulting in both of them getting chastised by their respective owners for not working together. Their owners later leave them at the street corner to investigate a Save the Day Alarm at the Centennial Park Zoo. In Pets Peeved Part 2, Honey appears eating candy in Bumblebee's room when Jumpa alerts her and the other pets to rescue their owners after they get captured by the Animilitia. They make it to the zoo where Killer Moth holds the owners hostage and Honey destroys his walkie-talkie when he notices the pets and calls for backup. The pets manage to defeat the Animilitia and free and reunite with their owners.

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