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I have been incredibly tolerant of your bedtime rituals, your vandalizing of my bedroom, and your multiple requests for room service. But the time has come for you to GO TO SLEEP!''
~ Zatanna

#HousePest is the forty-fifth episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.


After finish studying at the Metropolis' Library, Barbara, Kara, Karen, Zee, and Jessica notice that Diana has forgotten her bookbag and agreed to return it back to her. Unfortunately, the girls realize they don't have any idea where Diana lives, despite knowing her for months. Barbara then revealed that she has a tracker on Diana's phone (along with the others) and her phone tracks her location at the centennial park. It was revealed that the entire time she was in Metropolis, Diana had been living in a tree as she explains that this how Amazons do when they are on a mission. The girls couldn't let Diana sleep outside But Diana didn't know where she could live.

The first one to offer was Jessica, as she showed Diana her home, which Diana finds pleasant. After showing her around Jessica told Diana she had to go and pick up her parents at the airport and told her to relax until she gets back like she would at her home. After returning home with her mothers and explain about Diana, Jessica and her parents are in shock to see that Diana has ruined their home such as leaving the fridge open with food out, putting her bag on a plant, destroying their dishwasher by putting her sword and shield in it and cooking a large hunk of beef over the oven. As Diana welcome Jessica and her parents back it was revealed that Diana drew a bath but never stopped the water as it caused the tub to crash through the ceiling, causing Jessica's parents to be in shock while Jessica laughed nervously.

That night, Diana then finds herself spending the night at Zee's penthouse apartment, where Zee revealed her normal routine of beauty sleep and she and Diana prepared to go to sleep. However as Zee fell asleep, she hears chanting as she woke up and see Diana also performing her own routine to sleep, such as creating a small bonfire and doing a strange dance. overtime Diana kept waking Zee up over and over again such as asking her for water, which causes Zee to call in room service and order bottled water (costing $20.00) cutting up her bedroom carpet so she can sleep better, and continuing to keep her awake until Zee told her to go to sleep. After a few seconds of peace, Zee's alarm on her phone told her to wake up and while Zee looks horrible with the sun shining over her, Diana woke up and looked like she had plenty of sleep, which caused Zee to break her facial mask.

Later in the afternoon, Diana stayed with Karen at her house, which is shown to be a bit hi-tech as Karen introduces Diana to Athena, a device that controls everything in the house. After a couple of demonstrations, Karen had Diana try out Athena (which she said in a way like praying to the goddess Athena) and accidentally asked Athena to turn on the sprinklers. Seeing it Karen gave Diana a brunch of remotes as she went outside to fix the problem. However, after pressing one of the buttons on the remotes, Diana changed the channel and accidentally increase the volume, causing her to drop the remotes and randomly press all the buttons to turn it off but instead caused the house to go crazy such as turning the ceiling fans on, the lights to go on and off, playing music, the TV randomly changing channels and being attacked by both the cleaning drones and the robovac. Diana then asked Athena for help as she yelled of being under attack. hearing that Athena then locked down the house, with Karen still outside out fixing the problem from early. As Karen tries to get in while Diana is still being attacked by the drones and robovac, Karen realizes she can turn into Bumblebee and shrink in order to get in the vent, which she did and deactivate the lockdown. Afterwards, she spotted Diana on the ground as she is looking horrified after the ordeal she witness, followed by being attack by the Robovac.

Later that evening, Diana found herself at Kara's home, where after explaining the events that led her to having dinner at Kara's, Diana wondered if Kara's parents would like her, with Kara revealing that the Denver's never have anything bad to say to one person as her parents are shown to be a positive Family. Eliza then told Diana they are happy to have someone from another culture for Diana, which at first Diana thanked her then shown her manner by grabbing a handful of mash potato and eating in front of them. Thinking this would make then a bit angry Kara is surprised to see them eating the same way and Jeremiah asked Diana about other customs in her culture. Diana explains (while not telling where she's from) that in her family they talked about their failings and shortcomings so they can know how to fix it. Diana starts by saying that Eliza's collection of cat places is ridiculous as it was meant to be a collection for children. Next, she told Jeremiah that he's reflexes are terrible, and in no way will he be able to protect anyone. Still hoping to see them get angry Kara is annoyed as her parents actually enjoyed it and began to do the same thing with Kara, who began to look angry at Diana who was the one who came up with the idea.

That night at the Gordon's in Babs' room, Babs is shown to be excited as she told Diana she always wanted a sister while Diana always wanted a father (due to her being made from clay) and Babs responded by saying her father is a great man. When Jim arrived to say goodnight to the girls, both of them leap into bed and said "Goodnight, Dad" and fell asleep. A few moments later Babs waked up and heard a noise as she looks down and sees that Diana is not in her bed. Babs then looked in the hallway and spotted Diana sleep-hunt towards the kitchen, where Jim is there making a midnight snack while listening to E-Z Listening Music and manage to avoid Diana's Spear while Babs is trying to stop her. As Jim went to get down to the bottom of the fridge to get the Grape Jelly, Diana appears behind him ready to strike, only for Babs to stop standing in the way. Later, Diana is seen outside as Babs apologizes for this idea not to work while Diana apologize for almost killing Jim, revealing to only left a scratch on his arm. Babs then closes the door as Diana left the Gordon's.

Later after returning back to the park, Diana talked to herself and realize that she longed for a real home but can't return back to Themyscira until she fulfilled her mission and was thinking about giving up being Princess Diana from Themyscira but instead becoming Diana Prince of Metropolis instead. When she threw her bag over the bridge, hoping to erase her past life, it accidentally hit an elderly woman. After getting up the woman sees Diana's sword and spear and recognize them, Diana the approach the woman and apologize for what she did and the woman is amazed as she discovered that Diana is an Amazon. Later at her home, Diana discovered that the woman she met is Julia Kapatelis, a professor who studies archaeology, most notably Amazons and She studies Greece, with her first love being Themyscira. Upon seeing artifacts that Julia collected, such as an item that belongs to her aunt, her beloved doll Jumpa when she was 72, and a bust of her mother, Diana told Julia that she must put away her past life as live as Diana Prince rather than Princess Diana, However, upon hearing Julia reciting Themyscira proverb, then explain it as the old saying, "Home is where the heart is," and offered Diana her daughter's room (since she went off to college) to stay and inform her that while she can stay at Diana Prince of Metropolis outside, inside the house, she can stay Princess Diana from Themyscira. Diana then hugged Julia as she accepted her invitation to stay. Later that night, Julia looks towards Diana as she turns off the light and closes the door, as Diana is seen sleeping happily while snuggled up with her beloved Jumpa.




  • Lauren Faust confirmed this episode in a tweet[1] on March 7, 2020. Two days later, she revealed that it will be a Wonder Woman-centric episode[2].
  • When this episode was announced, it was scheduled to air on May 10, 2020, but was ultimately postponed due to schedule changes.[3][4]
  • The title of the episode is a pun on the terms "house pet" and "house guest".
  • It is revealed that Barbara has tracking devices in all of her friends' phones.
  • Kara's adoptive parents make a reappearance in this episode, making this their first physical appearance since "Sweet Justice."
  • This episode revealed that during her time in Metropolis, Diana has been living in a tree in the park.
  • All of the electronics at Karen's house are wired through Athena, a parody of Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa.
  • Diana's stuffed kangaroo Jumpa is a reference to her companion and pet in the DC silver age and generation one.
  • Diana has no father.
  • According to Faust, Jessica Cruz has two mothers[5] (one of them was Siobhan Cruz). Unlike the comics.
  • This is the first appearance of Julia Kapatelis.
  • Diana explained how she was born, just like in the comics and movie.
  • With the exception of Bumblebee, none of the main characters transform into superheroes in this episode.
    • The main reason why is because she had to shrink down in order to deactivate the lockdown.
  • Throughout the entire time Diana has been looking for a home, each place took a different time.
    • Jessica = Evening
    • Zee = Nighttime
    • Karen = Afternoon
    • Kara = Evening
    • Babs = Nighttime



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