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♪ When super me

Becomes super we ♪

♪ Suddenly, magically Pretty automatically ♪

♪ Crushing it side by side

♪ Look out, world We're Super Hero Girls ♪

♪ Now that we're together Gonna get that super life! ♪

♪ Wow!

[Time-skip. Library]
Supergirl [o.s., yawning] Studying is hard you guys.
[Alarm ringing]
Batgirl Hey! Diana's bag.

[Jessica] Oh no problem
We'll drop it off to her.
Wait a minute.
Where are we going?
[brakes screech]
So, you're telling me
that we've known Diana
for months now
and absolutely, positively,
none of us know
where she lives?
I don't know.
Well, I don't know
where she lives,
but I do know she's
in Centennial Park right now.
How do you know that?
The tracker
on the phone! Duh.
You all have one.
Babs, can you just one
not be creepy?
[Barbara] Weird.
It says she's right here.
[Diana] Sisters!
I did not expect to see you
until tomorrow.
Dude, have you been living
in a tree this whole time?
Of course.
When Amazons take up a quest
far from home as I have,
they sleep where
the day lands them.
Diana Prince, you simply
cannot live like this.
Yeah, come on.
We can't let you
stay out here.
Well, then where
would you have me live?
Welcome to your new home.
[Diana] This is most
unexpected kind Jessica.
We adopt all kinds
of animals in need.
Why shouldn't we adopt
a stray friend in need?
Here's the living room.
And where is the dying room?
And here's the bathroom.
Hmm. At school there are
porcelain thrones for all.
Oh, yeah. Well,
in most people's bathrooms,
there's usually just one.
I shall not fight you
for your throne, Jessica.
I submit.
Or you could use this one
and I'll use
the one downstairs...
I have to run to the airport
to get my parents.
Just do what you do
at your own home.
Run a bath,
make a snack, relax.
[Jessica] Don't worry,
Diana is incredibly
Parents of Jessica,
I am preparing
the evening feast.
Your neighborhood
is rich with game.
I have also run a bath,
as you suggested.
[nervous laugh]
Then two dabs of
overnight rejuvenating
sunflower extract
and rice serum and...
Voila! That is the patented
Zee Zatara bedtime ritual.
This is the most
important part.
The secret ingredient
that makes it all work.
Beauty sleep.
Many thanks
for your kindness Zee.
May Posidia guide you
on your dream journey.
[Zatanna snoring]
[Diana chanting]
Posida! Posida!
[Zatanna rouses]
[gasp] Diana?
Ah! You have awoken.
Now, I may share
my bedtime ritual.
[Diana breathing heavily]
Posida! Posida!
[Zatanna snoring]
[Diana] Zee! Zee!
Are you awake?
I am thirsty.
Can I have some water?
[metallic scraping]
This carpeting is
much too comfortable.
What is a concierge?
Do you hear that?
Was that the Chimera?
DIANA! I have been
incredibly tolerant
of your bedtime rituals,
your vandalizing of my bedroom,
and your multiple requests
for room service.
But the time has come
for you to GO TO SLEEP!
[breathing heavily]
[alarm ringing]
-[bird chirping]
-Oh! [laugh]
[Karen] Don't worry, Diana,
everybody loves staying
at my house.
We've got every
modern convenience.
[devices whirring]
Watch this.
Athena, television on.
[Athena] Initiating
entertainment protocol.
[whale sing]
Athena, blinds closed.
Initiating light control
You try.
Just ask Athena
for anything you want.
Athena, O Goddess of Wisdom,
rain courage down
upon my soul
so that I may withstand
Karen's modern conveniences.
Initiating lawn irrigation
Here. You find
something good to watch.
I'll be right back.
[whale sing]
She just needs time.
-[TV continues indistinctly]
♪ [dance music] ♪
Help me, Athena!
Initiating security protocol.
Diana! Diana!
You're going down! CEASE!
The console on the wall!
Press the buttons.
Deactivating security protocol.
I did not fare well
with the other families.
What if yours
does not like me neither?
Diana, the Danverses
never have anything bad
to say about anyone.
And I mean anyone.
It is such a treat to have
someone from another culture
join us for dinner Diana.
I am humbled
by your kindness.
[slurp] Mmm.
Oh, I love it.
So freeing.
What other mealtime rituals
do you practice back home?
Well, after the strongest
warrior opens the feast
by taking the first bite--
[fake sneeze]
Second strongest.
...it is time for the nightly
proclamation of deficiencies.
Oh, how fascinating!
What is that?
It is when my mother pronounces
my failing and shortcomings
for all to hear.
So that I may improve.
Allow me to demonstrate.
Eliza, your decorative
plate collection
is worthy of severe ridicule.
This is a hobby for children,
not grown women.
Jeremiah, you have the reflexes
of an ancient crone.
You will never be able
to defend a tribe.
See? Like that.
[Jeremiah] Oh, so true.
Nothing bad to say about any--
My turn!
Kara, you're not very good
at remembering
-your pleases and thank yous.
Your bedroom smells
like rodents.
-Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.
Your hostile attitude
is just a front to mask
your deep insecurity.
Your rebellious nature
is a sad desperate cry
for attention.
[Barbara] Welcome
to the Gordon family, Diana!
I accept your welcome.
For I, sculpted from clay
by my mother's hand,
have always wanted a father.
YES! And my dad
is the best dad ever!
Everything's perfect.
Night, girls.
See you tomorrow.
Good night, Dad!
[objects clattering]
[gasp] Diana?
-[gasp] Diana!
[Gordon] OK, let's see here.
-Diana, what are you...
-[Diana grunting]
-[Diana grunting]
-[Barbara] No, no, no.
Sorry it didn't work out.
Sorry I tried
to vanquish your dad.
[sigh] My friends were right.
A tree is no proper home.
Ever for an Amazon.
Now that I'm reminded
of the love and warmth
of a real home,
I long for one more than ever.
Yet I cannot return
to Themyscira.
until I complete my mission
to save the world of man.
There is only one way.
If I desire to find a true home
in the world of man,
I must cease to be
Diana of Themyscira
and become, one and for all,
Diana of Metropolis.
-[woman] OW!
Is that a Hestian xiphos?
And a dory engraved
with the symbols of Artemis?
My apologies. Are you hurt?
-You're an Amazon!
[Diana] "Julia Kapatelis
Professor of Archeology."
That's right. My specialty
is ancient Greece,
but my first love
is Themyscira.
[gasp] This once belonged
to my Aunt Antiope.
And this...
This is Jumpa.
She was mine
when I was only 72.
[gasp] Mother.
No, I must put my past aside.
I am Diana of Metropolis now.
[Julia] A warrior's home
is where she needs no armor.
An Amazon proverb.
Well, here in the world
of man, we say,
"Home is where the heart is."
Wherever your heart is.
This room used
to be my daughter's.
She's away at college now.
Diana, I know what it's like
to feel alone.
Out there, you can be Diana
of Metropolis if you must.
But here, if you care to stay,
you can always remain
Diana of Themyscira.
[chuckle] Mmm!
[happy sigh]
♪ [theme music] ♪