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How Big of a DC Super Hero Girls Fan Are You? is a quiz that can be played on DC Super Hero Girls. It tests your knowledge on the series.

Official Description[]

You know their classes, met their teachers, and probably even figured out their locker combinations. Think you can ace this quiz about the DC Super Hero Girls? Study up by watching the webisodes and put your knowledge to the test!


The correct answers are in bold.
Who is the Principal at Super Hero High?
What is the speed limit in the hallway?
  • 25
  • 20
  • 15
  • 10
What class does Crazy Quilt teach?
  • Intro to Super Suits
  • Flyer's Ed
  • Heroes Throughout History
  • Advanced Heroism
Who is Wonder Woman's roommate?
What is the school's network password? (Hint: watch webisode 2)
  • ORION 1721
  • ORACLE 1967
  • SUPER HERO2000
Which of the following is not an obstacle in the Flyer's Education test?
  • Fire
  • Laser beam
  • Purple slime
  • A crazy tunnel
What is Batgirl's real name?
  • Brittany Goodman
  • Briana Gladson
  • Barbara Gordon
  • Bianca George
What gem gleams on the rooftop of Super Hero High?
  • Amethyst
  • Sapphire
  • Diamond
  • Emerald
In Webisode 6, how do the super heroes react to Harley Quinn's blooper video?
  • They watch it 10 more times
  • They high five
  • They change the subject
  • They laugh it off
What score does Bumblebee get in her flight test? (Hint: Watch webisode 5)
  • 94
  • 98
  • 100
  • 96


10/10 correct[]

Quiz A
OMG! You're the Superfan.

Knowledge is POWer, and you are STRONG. You're BFFs with the DC Super Hero Girls and have every webisode memorized. Are you sure you're not secretly flying around the halls of Super Hero High?

7-9/10 correct[]

Quiz B
Look out! You're the sidekick.

You're partners in crime-fighting with the DC Super Hero Girls both in the classroom and all around Metropolis. Just a little more training and you'll be ready to save the day!

4-6/10 correct[]

Quiz C
Bam! You're a rising star.

Your locker combination is set, you've memorized your class schedule, and you have all the right books. Now that you've gotten into the swing of things at Super Hero High, you're on your way to becoming besties with the DC Super Hero Girls!

0-3/10 correct[]

Quiz D
Study up! You're an up & comer.

Don't worry, even Wonder Woman is still new to Super Hero High. Keep doing your homework and you'll ace this quiz in no time.