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Ira Lee Stinkman is a background character in the DC Super Hero Girls series.

Depiction in the series[]

Season 2[]

Ira first appeared in Accept No Substitute where in science class, James Gordon (who became the substitute teacher) was calling for attendants and one name is shown to be "Ira Lee Stinkman". This caused the students to laugh as Babs became enraged as she told him that Ira (along with other names that he mentions a few times) is fake name and called it an "awful, tragic name ever", this led to Ira (who is revealed to be real) crying out of the classroom, which caused the other students to look mad at Babs, and to add insult to injury, Karen revealed that today's Ira's first day in school and Babs ruined it by insulting her name.

She later appeared again, this time in the girl's restroom as she was shown to be angry at Babs for insulting her name (which Babs though it was a play on word for "I Really Stink Man") and walking out of the restroom in anger.

In "Cruz Control", Ira appears with the rest of the students sitting in the bleachers, where Jessica Cruz and Oswald Cobblepot are running for class president. Oswald convinces the entire school to vote for him in exchange for inflated promises for his campaign, and Ira was among the students who predisposed to vote for him. The next day, she is also with the other students in the bleachers of the school gym, where Jessica imitates Oswald's style going the extra mile, and manages to convince the entire school, incluiding Ira, with her impossible promises. But when Jess saw that Jo Mullein (the only student who supported her in her campaign) was disappointed by her change of heart, admits she can't promise all the cool fun stuff, but can promise to make the school a better place.

And after a fake fight between Livewire and Oswald, where the whole school became aware of Oswald's fraudulence, Jess steps in with her stunning moves to shut off the control box and save the school. So everyone in crowd, including Ira, cheers Jessica for her heroism, and officially wins the election.

Mayhem in the Multiverse[]

Ira makes a brief cameo at the Metropolis pier as The Flash and Green Arrow attempt to stop Giganta, Cheetah, and Toyman, only to have them locked in the Phantom Zone by Giganta. She is last seen running in fright upon seeing that the two heroes were defeated.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 2[]