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This article is about Jimmy Olsen (G1). For the generation two version, see Jimmy Olsen (G2).

Jimmy Olsen is a character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is a photographer for the Daily Planet newspaper and also a hero named Giant Turtle Boy.


Season two[]

In Ring of Mire, Lois Lane says "Back to you, Jimmy" as she concludes a news report on Super Hero High School students cleaning up trash at Centennial Park, implying that he is a news anchor.

Graphic Novels[]

Date with Disaster[]

In Date with Disaster, Jimmy Olsen appears with Ron Troupe after arriving at S.T.A.R. Labs after the explosion, and takes a picture of Mayor Sackett and the Super Hero High students responding to the explosion. Later, he appears entering the elevator at S.T.A.R. Labs as Mayor Sackett takes Bumblebee and Supergirl to the top floor, and tells Mayor Sackett that he is returning to the Planet to take care of a "thing". Later, outside the Daily Planet, Giant Turtle Boy chases after a thief after he steals a purse from a woman. Giant Turtle Boy returns the purse, but breaks the strap. Lois tries to interview him, but he goes into an alley and comes out as Jimmy Olsen. Lois asks him if he saw a new Super Hero running through, but he denies it. He escorts Lois to the Daily Planet as she tries to break a new story. As she breaks her report that S.T.A.R. labs is deliberately giving superpowers to people to the acting editor-in-chief Ron, Jimmy expresses skepticism that they should publish it, as Mayor Sackett told him that by controlling the news, they are "protecting people from wasting their time worrying", although Lois insists that the public should be informed. As Plastique arrives and holds them hostage, wanting them to publish a story on how she was tricked and made into a weapon, Lois attempts to listen to her story, while Ron and Jimmy hide behind a desk. While Plastique gets arrested by Super Hero High Students, Dr. Faulkner reveals that Jimmy was one of the many people she gave super powers in her experiments, commenting that he was so excited of getting his photo taken for once, that he did not mind being exposed to a turtle DNA and becoming Giant Turtle Boy. After Dr. Faulkner and Mayor Sackett are arrested, Jimmy admits to the editor-in-chief Perry White that he is responsible for the mess in the Daily Planet office as he returns from his vacation, saying he allowed Mayor Sackett to convince him into publishing things he knew were not true.

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