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Sojourner "Jo" Mullein is a minor character who appeared in the episode "Cruz Control". She is a first grader who supported Jessica Cruz in her campaign for school president.


Jo Mullein is a teenage African-American short and slender girl. She has black hair in two braids, dark skin and green eyes. She wears large blue glasses and a bright green hat similar to Jessica's. Her civilian outfit consists of a short-sleeved purple t-shirt, ankle-length wheat-colored pants, and a pair of black sneakers. She also wears a bright green necklace, a green bracelet on her right hand, and a blue wrist on her left. She also wears dark cherry red lipstick.

Depiction in the series[]

In "Cruz Control", Jo first appears sitting on the bleachers with the rest of the students, putting on her campaign pin to vote for Jessica, while Zee mentions to Jess that even the first graders are in favor of her election. Suddenly Oswald Cobblepot appears and convinces everyone to vote for him change of inflated promises for his campaign. This kept the whole school presuaded to vote for Oswald, every except Jo, who was the only one to maintain her support for Jessica.

Later, she participates in the commercial that Jessica and her friends organize to increase support for their cause. But when Oswald twists Jessica's campaign and gloats over her integrity, Jess takes it as a challenge and the next day decides to imitate her opponent's style, going the extra mile. She manages to convince the entire school with her impossible promises; but Jo is shocked by her change of heart, and disappointed, she removes her own pin. This makes Jessica realize that she's gone too far and admits she can't promise all the cool fun stuff, but can promise to make the school a better place.

After Livewire got into a fake fight with Oswald to inflate his ego and Oswald is disowned by the school for his fraudulence, Jess steps in with her stunning moves to shut off the control box and save the school. Everyone in crowd cheers Jessica for her heroism, including Jo, who puts her campaign pin back on, thus Jessica officially wins the election.

Episode Appearances[]



  • In mainstream DC Comics, she is a Green Lantern. This is evident with the naked eye, since she in this episode uses that color a lot.
  • The glasses she wears in the series are a nod to her comic counterpart, as this accessory appears when she is wearing her Lantern ring.