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Julia Kapatelis is a character in the DC Super Hero Girls television series. She is the mother figure of Diana Prince.

Depiction in the series[]

In House Pest, after failing to find a permanent home and couldn't go back to Themyscira, Diana decides to abandon her life as Princess Diana and become Diana Prince instead. When she threw her bag away, it accidentally hit Julia, who was taking a night stroll. After regaining consciousness Julia recognizes both the sword and spear and was amazed to meet Diana and quickly recognize her as an Amazon.

Later after taking Diana to her home and showing her the artifacts she collected over the years, including her beloved doll Jumpa and a bust of her mother. After Diana attempted to forget her past self Julia recited the Themyscira Proverb, even translating it as "Home is where the heart is." Julia then showed Diana her daughter's room, since she went to college and admit she's been living alone. Julia then told Diana that while outside she can stay as Diana Prince, inside she can remain as Princess Diana if she wanted to stay and Diana agreed to stay. Later as Diana is seen sleeping in bed, Julia sneaked in to take a peek and quietly turn off the light.

Episode Appearance[]


  • Like her DC Comic Counterpart, Julia Kapatelis became a mother figure to Diana, even being the first non-Amazon woman Wonder Woman met and helping her not only to learn English but also modern history as well.