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Jumpa is a character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is Wonder Woman's pet kangaroo.


Depiction in the web series

Season four


In the prologue of the film Legends of Atlantis, young Jumpa appears play-fighting with young Wonder Woman on Themiscyra before Wonder Woman commands her to go so that she can confront a tidal wave. After Wonder Woman is rescued from drowning, Jumpa appears with Queen Hippolyta as she is resuscitated.

In Gone to the Dogs Part 2, Jumpa appears walking in front of Super Hero High School with Wonder Woman after Principal Waller abolishes the school's no pets rule.

In Pets Peeved Part 1, Jumpa appears with the other pets and their owners being taught by Vice Principal Grodd and punches him, having not yet learned who it is okay to fight. Grodd threatens them with failure for not working together. When Wonder Woman and Bumblebee try to teach Jumpa and Honey teamwork, they compete with each other to help an old lady cross the street. They are left behind when their owners are called to the zoo to save the day, but Jumpa follows them and witnesses the owners get captured by the Animilitia. In Pets Peeved Part 2, Jumpa recruits the other pets to save their owners and they work together to successfully defeat the Animilitia, with Jumpa defeating Lion-Mane when he tries to use his powers to get her to join the Animilitia. With their owners rescued, the pets reunite with them.

In Truth of the Lasso Part 2, a younger Jumpa appears in a flashback training with a younger Wonder Woman on Themiscyra while Professor Minerva and her daughter work to uncover hidden artifacts on the island.

Season five

In All Pets Are Off, Jumpa appears competing with Wonder Woman in the Super Hero High pet show. She is seen completing a hurdle course and is awarded a medal. She and the other pets are kidnapped by Artemiz to bring to Apokolips in the stolen Battywagon. After Supergirl destabilizes it with her freeze breath, Jumpa kicks through the back door and the pets escape. They attack Artemiz and Jumpa kicks her out of the Battywagon. After Artemiz is captured, Jumpa and the other pets reunite with their owners and split the grand prize for showing "teamwork, courage and creativity.

Graphic Novels

Spaced Out

In Spaced Out, Coach Wildcat references Jumpa when saying that ever since Principal Waller changed the "No Pets" policy, Super Hero High School has been "crawling with critters", including kangas.

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