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This article is about Katana (G1). For the generation two version, see Katana (G2).
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Katana, real name Tatsu Yamashiro, is a main character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a professional swordswoman, creative designer and student at Super Hero High School.


  • Martial Arts Intuition:
  • Enhanced Swordmanship:
  • Artistic Intuition:


The Artist With An Edge

Katana wields her sword with art and grace! Always on the cutting edge of art and fashion, she’s totes fearless and uber funky. When her skills aren’t being put to the test fighting crime, you’ll find her chatting with her sword...it's like her pet!


Katana has pale skin, long black hair with a red streak and brown eyes. She wears a white face mask with a red dot in the middle that has the symbol of the Japanese flag on it, as well as a set of grey, black, and red samurai-inspired armor. She also has some dark grey leggings and white strapped knee-high boots, along with her sword.


  • For unknown reasons, Katana has less screen time and episodes than the other main characters.
    • This isn't the case with the books, graphic novels and LEGO media.
  • It's unknown if this version of Katana uses the magical soul-stealing sword Soultaker like her G2 counterpart or uses a normal katana. This is never been confirmed.


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