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Katana debuted in Wonder Woman at Super Hero High on March 1st, 2016.


She attacks Frost when she freezes Beast Boy during the assembly, causing the students' weapons to be confiscated.[1]

Graphic Novels[]

Finals Crisis[]

In Finals Crisis, Katana appears at a locker in the Super Hero High School hallway as an announcement is made on the PA system summoning all students to the auditorium for an assembly on tomorrow’s Semester Finals, in which students must show that their powers have improved since first arriving at the school. She subsequently appears in the final Intro to Super Suits class before Finals, where she takes attendance and tells Crazy Quilt that she has not seen Supergirl when she is missing from attendance. To prepare for Finals, she practices by sparring with Beast Boy, who she calls the perfect practice partner for being “quick, fun and totes unpredictable”. After winning 642 matches to Beast Boy’s 3, they decide to play Super Hide-and-Seek so Katana can hone her stealth skills. After finding Beast Boy in various animal disguises in the greenhouse, the Super Suit design class and the weaponomics room, she finds him again in Principal Waller’s office, emerging from an air duct, but her sword accidentally slices a bowling trophy on Principal Waller’s desk in two, when it falls out of her sheath when she dismounts from the air duct. To avoid Waller’s wrath, they go to the Super Suit design class and repair it with glue and paint. As they try to bring it back to her office, Katana tells Beast Boy to distract Waller in the hallway. As he does so, Katana manages to make it back to Waller’s office and replace the trophy, where a shadowy figure sneaks up behind her and disarms her of her sword before defeating her in hand-to-hand combat. He then carries her off tied up in a van and crosses her name off a list containing her and her classmates, Poison Ivy, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Bumblebee. Later, Harley Quinn notices Katana and her other friends missing from her Final party and sets off to search for them, finding Katana’s sword under a tree outside the school. She eventually arrives at a LexCorp Garden Supply store in Metropolis and gets captured by the figure and imprisoned in a kryptonite room with Katana and her other friends from the list the figure also captured. The figure is revealed to be Lex Luthor, who boasts online of his plans to avenge his sister’s rejection from the school by taking out its top students. After Batgirl and Ivy manage to disable the kryptonite and free them, Katana and her friends work together to defeat Lex. They race back to the school, only to arrive a minute late for Finals, and Principal Waller refuses to let them take it. Batgirl receives a message from Lois Lane, who found Lex’s webcast of them defeating him. Katana and her friends use the webcast as their Finals evaluation, arguing that no rule mandates that Finals must be taken at the school and that when first arriving, they were alone, but now they are more powerful as a team combining their forces as they did to defeat Lex. Principal Waller agrees, but gives them three weeks detention for breaking the rules. After detention, Katana and her friends appear in the crowd of students around Principal Waller as she congratulates the students for passing Finals.[2]

Hits and Myths[]

In Hits and Myths, Katana appears with the Flash complimenting Wonder Woman on her moves at the Heroball Scrimmage the day before. She later attends Professor Etrigan’s Intro to Epics class, where she appears as one of Wonder Woman’s companions in her dream of the Odyssey. She later appears staying late in Miss Moone’s art class to finish her painting project before the weekend before leaving to help Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn rescue Lobo from Poison Ivy’s security alarm plant Chompy. Katana interrogates him and he reveals that a bounty has been placed on Professor Etrigan, and he disappeared before he arrived. Upon learning that Beast Boy, Supergirl and Miss Martian are in trouble, she and her other friends go to the Portal Coffee Shop to battle battling bands, Black Canary and the Birds of Prey and the Bad Banshees. Wonder Woman assigns Katana, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Beast Boy and herself to enter the portal to the underworld to rescue Professor Etrigan. They are eventually led by Raven to the where Professor Etrigan is being held prisoner. Upon finding him, Trigon appears as imprisons her and her friends in cages of fire. After Miss Martian frees them, she and her friends, race to the closing portal back home. Katana stays behind to fight the demons chasing them, and Wonder Woman barely manages to get the two of them through the portal before it closes. She and Harley then use Wonder Woman’s invisible jet to accompany Wonder Woman and the other students help their friends recover the Batplane as it was stolen by Black Canary and the Birds of Prey. After it crashes at Jonathan and Martha Kent’s farm, Katana and her friends battle Black Canary and her bandmates. After defeating them, Katana and her friends ride in the gas-depleted batplane as it is carried by Supergirl and Wonder Woman to Themyscira for a slumber party. Upon arriving, they soon fall asleep.