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Katana Chop is a mini-game inspired by Katana that can be played on DC Super Hero Girls.

Official description[]

Stay sharp! Sword train Katana and help keep her edge! Slice training orbs, hack bonus shields and avoid hazards or its game over!


The goal of Katana Chop is to slice as many orbs as possible before running out of lives. Lives are lost by not slicing orbs. All lives are instantly lost by slicing a red spiky orbs. Occasionally, a golden shield will fly onto the screen that can be hit multiple times before destruction - failure to destroy it does not result in the loss of a life, however. Slicing enough orbs fills up a power meter that when filled allows the player to press a button in the bottom-right corner that causes all of the orbs on screen to be sliced. Missions can be completed to both gain shields and level up. Level 2 grants the player an extra life. Level 3 gives the player the ability to slow down the game speed for a limited amount of time by pressing a blue button labeled "SLOWMO".


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Shield Level Shield Name Description Reward
1 Basic Blade Earn 100 points 5 Shields
Earn 500 points
Slice 25 orbs
Slice 50 orbs
2 Novice Blade Get a critical hit
Earn a score of exactly 1000
Slice 6 Orbs in one combo
Slice 25 Special Orbs
3 Intermediate Blade Slice 50 Special Orbs
Slice 100 orbs
Earn 500 points with only small
Earn 500 points with only big or