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Killer Croc, also known as Croc,[1] is a villain in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise.


Croc is a large humanoid crocodile with huge long arms and who stands on his hind legs. He has yellow eyes and light green crocodile skin and long sharp claws. He wears a tank top with light blue jeans and has a large tail.


  • Crocdile Physiology
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Strength Combat
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Sharp Teeth
  • Enhanced Clawmanship
  • Nail Manipulation
  • Claw Retraction
  • Regenerative Healing Factor

Depiction in the web series

Fred Tatasciore reprised his role from the LEGO DC video game properties.

Season two

In the special Super Hero High, Croc appears battling Super Hero High School students led by Wonder Woman at a construction site. He engages Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Beast Boy, Harley Quinn, and Cheetah and is eventually defeated when Harley hits him with a wrecking ball from a crane, gets restrained by vines by Poison Ivy, and then hung on a crane hook by Wonder Woman to be taken away by the authorities. As he is hung, he complains of allergies caused by Ivy’s plants.[2]

In Ring of Mire, Star Sapphire travels into the sewers after her power ring falls down the drain where she gets pursued by Killer Croc who threatens to eat her. She manages to find her ring and uses it to successfully defeat him. In Hero of the Month: Star Sapphire, he is seen battling Star Sapphire in the sewers in archive footage of Ring of Mire. In Hero of the Month: Beast Boy, he is referred to by Beast Boy when he transforms into a crocodile to confront him in archive footage of their battle in "Super Hero High".

Season three

In Stealth 101 Part 1, Poison Ivy and Batgirl test out stealth gear in the sewers, with Batgirl's gear made to blend in with dark colors and Ivy attempting to cover her scent with lilies to protect her from Croc's sense of smell. Killer Croc nonetheless finds them and engages them. Batgirl hits him with a batarang and Ivy defeats him by restraining him with vines.

Season four

In Pets Peeved Part 1, Killer Croc appears as part of the Animilitia with fellow animal-themed villains Lion-Mane, Killer Moth, and King Shark and engages Super Hero High students at the zoo. He battles and disarms Harley Quinn, correcting her when she calls him an alligator before being then thrown away by Supergirl. He later appears getting attacked by Supergirl and Bumblebee when the students get lured and trapped into a Kryptonite-laced, super-proof room. In Pets Peeved Part 2, Killer Croc appears with King Shark kicking out the humans from Metropolis and investigates a noise in an alley caused by the Super Pets, where he mistakes Krypto and Ace for stray dogs. When the pets arrive at the zoo to rescue their owners, they defeat the Animilitia, with Ace and Kitsune defeating Croc by shooting him with Ace's tennis ball launcher. In Truth of the Lasso Part 1, a standee of Killer Croc appears as a target for a target practice exercise for Super Hero High students where it is ensuingly destroyed.

Season five

In Water Water Nowhere, Killer Croc destroys the water main at Super Hero High School while most of the students and staff are on a field trip to steal a statue on loan from the art museum. When Mera intervenes, she steals the key to the statue's super-proof chains and gets pursued around the school by Croc while being incapable of fighting back with her water powers due to the shut off water. He eventually chases her into Ivy's greenhouse where Mera blasts him with out of the greenhouse with water from a cactus, after which he retreats.

Graphic Novels

Finals Crisis

In Finals Crisis, Bumblebee walks into Capes & Cowls Café to Killer Croc trying to rob it of tuna sandwiches. They battle, where he ducks under her initial Bumblebee blast and tries to catch her in his hands, only for her to escape by shrinking, She then regains her size and hits him successfully with another blast, defeating him. She then mentions that he will be picked up by the Metropolis S.C.U. Later, Commissioner Gordon, hears on his phone about Croc being at the Café while walking in a Super Hero High School hallway and says that he will be right there.[3]

Past Times at Super Hero High

In Past Times at Super Hero High, Wonder Woman tells Bumblebee in an altered present that she has seen her stand up to Killer Croc, Grundy and Giganta in her timeline. When Bumblebee expresses surprise at defeating Croc, Wonder Woman tells her how she defeated him when he was stealing tuna sandwiches at Capes & Cowls during the events of "Finals Crisis".

Date with Disaster

In Date with Disaster, Killer Croc appears in Catwoman's flashback of the previous night chasing Dr. Faulkner into S.T.A.R. Labs, reminding her of a promise and demanding that she "change [him] back". As she locks him out, Catwoman battles him, using her whip to restrain his arm, before agilely avoiding his blows and jumping into a tree. She defeats him by jumping off a tree branch and landing on his chest with her feet, slamming him into the ground. Later, Dr. Faulkner reveals to Bumblebee that as she did with herself, Killer Croc, Plastique, Jimmy Olsen and Poison Ivy were all unknowingly given superpowers by her experiments, implying that Croc was demanding that she change him back after being subject to one of her experiments.



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