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Killer Moth is a villain in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a minor antagonist in the episode Breaking News.


  • Killer Moth's appearance as a monstrous giant moth is heavily based on her 2003 Teen Titans incarnation.
  • Her color palette seems to be inspired by Drury Walker's original costume.
  • Unlike her Generation 1 counterpart, she is depicted as a female.
  • This version of Killer Moth seems to be based on Mothra, a character from Toho's Kaijus movies, who appeares in the Monsterverse franchise, which is another franchise owned by Warner Bros.


Killer Moth first appeared on a news broadcast revealing her to be behind the mutant moth creatures seen throughout the episode. After the girls leave Sweet Justice, they fight Killer Moth and her children, saving the city.

Episode Appearances[]


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