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Kongulon is a one-time character in the DC Super Hero Girls television series. She is an Giddalorpian Officer.

Depiction in the series[]

Prior to The Green Room, Kongulon was on her planet on the computer when she was tipped by a fellow officer that a juvenile Giddalorpian was gone TOO FAR and has planted a planet destroying bomb on earth millions of years ago on the site that would be Metropilis. Kongulon then headed to earth to warn everyone about the bomb, but due to leaving in a rush, she forgot her universal translator collar, so any attempt to ask for help to find the bomb was instead misunderstood as an attack on the city with sonic blast.

Jessica (as Green Lantern) arrived and upon using her ring, manage to translate Kongulon speech and located the bomb under the Metropolisk but before she could get the bomb, Supergirl arrived and attacked Kongulon but before she could knock her out, Green Lantern saved Kongulon by creating a green wall and sending her to a truck filled with fish, where Kongulon destroyed the Metropolisk. As she prepared to take it, Hawkman appeared and just like Supergirl, mistook Kongulon as a villain. However, she fooled him into thinking he knocked her out, and when his back was turned, she flew into the sky and threw the bomb, thus saving the earth and returned back to her planet.

Later in the episode, when Jessica is called by the Guardians of Green Lantern Corps for failing to save the city and not defeating the alien menace who cause the damage, Hal called Kongulon to the stand, where upon arriving she started using her sonic blast by accident again when Kilowog prepared to fight her, only for Jessica to remind her that her collar is not on.

After explaining the event of last Tuesday, she informs the Guardians and Kilowog that the details were explained in Jessica's Report (which both the Guardians and Kilowog seem to have failed to read due to it being too long), which led to Jessica being found innocent of her actions, and having the Guardians to agree on reading their officers' reports and rethink their policy of violence being the solution to fix every problem.

It is assumed that Kongulon returned back home after the case was closed.

Episode Appearances[]