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The Kraken is a minor character in DC Super Hero Girls who serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Awesome Aunt Antiope."


Antiope forgot to change the lock of the Kraken for the cage and she told her niece about it. Diana loses her temper and blames her for letting the beast out.

The Super Hero Girls were fighting the Kraken, and Supergirl tries to punch it but is deflected. Antiope tries to tell them other plans, but Wonder Woman believes they won't work. As soon she is about to blow again, Diana had a flashback of her mother and her studying. The team gathers in a circle with Greek clothing, thus summoning a flower to defeat the beast.

As Antiope didn't really help clean up her own mess, Diana commands her to put him in the cage, with the former saying she sounds just like her mother.


Though a Kraken is basically just a bigger version of an octopus, this one seems mutated as it has the ability to stand using two of its tentacles, unlike typical octopi.