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This article is about Krypto (G1). For the generation two version, see Krypto (G2).

Krypto is a character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is Supergirl's pet Kryptonian dog.


Krypto is a dog, with blue eyes and stark-white fur. Krypto is seen wearing a yellow dog collar that features the House of El crest.

Depiction in the web series

Season two

In the special Super Hero High, pictures of Krypto and Comet appear hanged on the wall of Supergirl's dorm room at Super Hero High School.

Season three

Krypto debuts in Dog Day After School, in which he triggers the Kryptonian proximity alert on Supergirl's jet. He later triggers the Save the Day Alarm by tearing through Metropolis, destroying fire hydrants and turning over cars before tearing through Capes and Cowls Café as a white blur . He is pursued by Super Hero High students into an alley behind the café, where Supergirl recognizes him as her pet dog and they reunite.

Season four

In Gone to the Dogs Part 1, Krypto plays catch with Supergirl by destroying frisbees at a park before being introduced to Ace, Batgirl's new dog to have a play date. When their owners leave them in Batgirl's bat-bunker to investigate a jewelry store heist, they discover a cat in security video camera footage and decide to pursue it. In Gone to the Dogs Part 2, Krypto helps Ace escape the Bat-bunker by smashing through the door. They find the cat, Catwoman's pet Roz. at the park burying the stolen jewelry and chase him up a tree. Krypto chases him off and later startles him off a building rooftop into a net held by Ace. Although Roz is rescued by Catwoman, Ace and Krytpo recover the jewelry and bring it to Principal Waller and their owners. Proving that they are heroes, Principal Waller begins to allow pets into Super Hero High.

In Pets Peeved Part 1, Krypto appears sparring with Jumpa at a class only to be reprimanded by Grodd for licking. As the pets are not working together, Grodd threatens failing their owners. In Pets Peeved Part 2, Jumpa recruits Krypto and the other pets to help rescue their owners after they are captured by the Animilitia at the zoo. The pets successfully work together to defeat the Animilitia in which Krypto tackles King Shark, and free their owners.

Season five

In All Pets Are Off, Supergirl reports Krypto as missing on the day of the Super Hero High pet show. After the remaining pets at the show are abducted by Artemiz, who steals them in the Battywagon to recruit them into Granny Goodness's animal army, Krypto appears with the other pets inside the Battywagon through Supergirl's x-ray vision. Krypto and the other pets eventually break free and help defeat her, with Krypto and Ace disarming her by taking away her quiver and arrows. Krypto and the other pets are then reunited with their owners and split the grand prize for teamwork, courage, and creativity.

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