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This article is about Kryptonite. For the DC Super Hero Girls webseries, see Kryptomites.

Kryptonite is a substance in the series DC Super Hero Girls. Green kryptonite, or simply "kryptonite", makes Supergirl weak in the short Kara Care and the episode Fight At The Museum. Red kryptonite is used by Ra's Al Ghul to make Kara susceptible to mind control in the episode League Of Shadows.


After a shot of a higher-than-a-building explosion at the beginning Kara Care, Wonder Woman declares that Metallo is vanquished, but Supergirl lies motionless, bruised and tattered in a glowing-green smoking crater. Batgirl says Kara's absorbed too much kryptonite from the attack. Later in the episode Kara reminds Diana "remember when you ordered me to fly into Metallo's kryptonite chest to take him out?"

Supergirl is next exposed to kryptonite in the episode Fight At The Museum. Catwoman tricks her into breaking a safe containing kryptonite from the "treasures from space" exhibit at the Lexplorium science museum. Upon being exposed to the kryptonite, Supergirl falls to her knee and asks "what is that?". Catwoman explains that it's "Just a chunk of your home planet. Apparently it sucks away all of your superpowers. Haven't heard of it? It's called kryptonite." Catwoman explains that she knew Supergirl wouldn't see what's inside the lead-lined safe, and she knew kryptonite is Supergirl's "greatest weakness". When Kara is exposed to the kryptonite she asks "Why does pain hurt so much? How do people live like this?" suggesting she doesn't usually feel pain.

Superman is exposed to kryptonite by Hal Jordan in the short Equal Tights. Hal flies up to Superman, who's flying over the moon, and shows Superman "this green rock" he found. Superman says "Keep that away! No! Please keep that away!" and crashes down into the moon. Later Superman tells Hal that he's been hit with a "kryptonite ray" in an excuse to keep Hal away from him by making him fly around the Earth repeatedly until time reverses.

Hawkman and Bumblebee steal kryptonite from the Lexplorium in the episode DC Super Hero Boys and use it to weaken the Kryptonians Ursa, Non, and Zod and send them back through the portal to the Phantom Zone.

Ra's Al Ghul uses Red Kryptonite in the episode League Of Shadows to make Kara susceptible to mind control and exploit her powers to "purify the world", starting with annihilating the boy band Up Past 8. Karen's wrist-computer identifies Ra's red gem as Kryptonite, and explains that it can be found in multiple colors, and that its effects on Kryptonians range through "excessive hair growth, moodiness, transformation into ant-headed humanoids, susceptibility to mind control, and mild acne."

In Double Danvers Kara unknowing gives her Bizarro Periwinkle Kryptonite which according to Superman instead of making bizarro act giddy, its opposite effects cause rage.

In Powerless, Toyman affected Supergirl with Gold Kryptonite which according to Bumblebee temporarily strips a Kryptonian of their powers.