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- ... I won't stand by and let my school - my friends - be invaded again! Heroes must take preemptive measures.
- Heroes serve justice. Not hunches.
~ Lady Shiva and Principal Waller

Lady Shiva or Sheeves for short is a supporting character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a student at Super Hero High School.


Lady Shiva is a teenage girl of Chinese descent. She has long black hair in a braided ponytail, has peach skin and black eyes. She wears a red cheongsam with black pants and red boots and golden markings on each.


  • Martial Arts Intuition. Even her hair is a weapon.

Graphic Novels[]

Finals Crisis[]

In Finals Crisis, Lady Shiva appears at a stakeout with Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman for extra credit, where she tells her classmates that she got a perfect score on the Weaponomics Quiz. Her classmates also say that they got perfect scores, meaning that they are all tied for top of the class. When they spot Giganta attacking Steve Trevor outside Capes & Cowls Café, they spring into action to confront her. After Steve is saved, they work together to battle Giganta, chase her into Centennial Park, and defeat her. After Commissioner Gordon arrives to arrest her, she and Hawkgirl return to the school to prepare for Semester Finals tomorrow, and remind Wonder Woman that she should not pursue villains at this hour alone when she tells them she intends to stay out longer to catch more villains. Wonder Woman replies that she is doing it for fun and does not need to use the rule-mandated buddy system for after-hour villain nabbing. Lady Shiva later appears in the crowd of students being congratulated by Principal Waller for passing Semester Finals.

Hits and Myths[]

In Hits and Myths, Lady Shiva makes a cameo appearance at Capes & Cowls Café being asked by Supergirl and Miss Martian if she has seen the stolen batplane. She replies that she hasn't, but she will keep her eyes peeled and that "the agents of this injustice" will face her wrath.

Summer Olympus[]

In Summer Olympus, Lady Shiva and Big Barda join Supergirl in the hallway after Principal Waller signed off on their locker clean-out before leaving on Supergirl's spaceship to spend the summer working on the Kent's farm with her. Later, when Wonder Woman calls Supergirl, Shiva, Barda and Supergirl appear working at the farm. Supergirl teaches her and Barda to be gentle with the chickens for them to lay eggs, and to respect the horses for them to respect them, among other things. Harley Quinn later reads a social media post by Lady Shiva showing a picture of Barda and Supergirl with a cow. While continuing to work on the farm, Shiva and her friends are informed by some of their classmates that Wonder Woman's brainwashed half-siblings are invading Metropolis before leaving to battle them. After they are defeated, they and more of their friends battle Ares and Strife, but make no progress. When Srife then casts a spell on the heroes to cause them to infight, Shiva then battles Barda. They presumably stop fighting when Ares and Strife are defeated. Shiva later appears in class applauding as Wonder Woman finishes giving her report on summer break.


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