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This article is about Legion of Doom (G2). For the generation one version, see Legion of Doom (G1).

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Legion of Doom is a group of super villains appeared in Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse. It's made up of the antagonists who appeared in both seasons of the series.


In Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse, Lex Luthor found the Amulet of Cythonna when one of his satellites was searching through the remains of the dead planet Krypton. Locked in her gem-crystal prison, Cythonna manipulated Lex Luthor into gathering various villains and forming the Legion of Doom in order to free herself of her and possess a new Kryptonian vessel.

Using the amulet, Luthor built a base in the Slaughter Swamp and gathered the Super Villain Girls, Cheetah, Solomon Grundy, Riddler, and Toyman, to form the team, and explains that with the help of the Amulet they can lock the heroes in the Phantom Zone. So the now formed team wreaks havoc through Metropolis to lure the heroes out and lock them in the Phantom Zone: Giganta locks up the Flash and Green Arrow, Star Sapphire and Poison Ivy lock up Katana, Harley Quinn and Catwoman lock up Blue Beetle, Riddler and Toyman lock up Hal Jordan, and Livewire and Solomon Grundy lock up Hawkman and Aqualad.

Later, the Legion of Doom is in the Hall of Doom (their headquarters) watching on the screen the superheroes they have captured and eagerly await sending the Super Hero Girls to the Phantom Zone to achieve their goal of world domination. Everyone laughs maliciously, except Harley Quinn, who is realizing the Legion is going too far, while Lex talks aside with Cythonna, who want restore her true form to free in her prison. When Lex leaves and Cythonna is beginning to her plan the Amulet crystal begin to crack.

Later, Lex is making a replica of the Amulet following his plan to trap the remaining heroes; for her part, Cythonna asks him about her Kryptonian vessel, but since Luthor was not interested in answering her, the Goddess of Darkness hypnotizes him to make him answer, and crystal began to crack again. Cythonna feels stronger, knowing she won't be prissoned in the Amulet forever.

The Justice League, along with Wonder Woman, arrive at the Hall of Doom to stop the Legion while Batman sneaks into the base to take the Amulet, but he falls for Luthor's trap, who locks him in the Phantom Zone. The League confronts the Legion, only to find that they are fighting holographic projections; and Luthor, following Cythonna's orders, imprisons Superman in a box made of kryptonite while he tasks his team with rounding up the remaining members of the Justice League, and so Riddler and Star Sapphire lock John Stewart and Aquaman in the Phantom Zone. But Harley Quinn seeing with her own eyes how they were getting rid of the Justice League, she lunges at Wonder Woman only to secretly help her escape the Hall of Doom, and quickly pretends to Catwoman and Livewire to have locked her in the Phantom Zone. Eventually, she resigned from the team and reunited with Batgirl.

Shortly after the Super Hero Girls each went their own way, Lex Luthor stood before the world and revealed to everyone that he is evil by revealing the Legion of Doom as his friends. Luthor announces to the entire world his plan to seize the world, and uses the power of Cythonna against the Moon to force them to hand over the planet to the Legion, giving them twenty-four hours to deliver the world. Karen, who was at home, hears Luthor's announcement, and gathers her friends again; to give them an inspiring speech and come together again as a team.

Having no other choice, the United Nations gives the world to the Legion of Doom, and all the villains celebrate their achievement; Lex, for his part, communicates to Cythonna that they have achieved world domination. Cythonna, however, decides to carry out her true plan and asks Lex to show her new host. But seeing Superman, she rejects him revealing that she wanted the strongest Kryptonian: Supergirl. Nonetheless, she decides to use Superman as bait to lure Kara out. When Supergirl arrives at the Hall of Doom, the Legion tries to trap her, but they are stopped by Cythonna, who controls them with her power.

Overloaded with the Legion's evil, the Amulet shatters, freeing the heroes. Under the control of the goddess, the Legion fought against the Super Hero Girls, the Invinci-Bros, and the Justice League, but one by one they fell defeated: Toyman was defeated by Hawkman and Bumblebee, Poison Ivy was defeated by Batman, Riddler was defeated by Batgirl, Catwoman and Cheetah were defeated by Wonder Woman, Solomon Grundy was defeated by the Green Lanterns, Giganta was defeated by Zatanna, and Lex Luthor was defeated by Harley, who, inspired by Bumblebee's speech, she came back to help the heroes.

After the evil Kryptonian goddess possessed Supergirl, she put the Legion out of her reach. The last time this team appears on screen, they are tied up before being arrested, and when the heroes see Cythonna inside Supergirl as her new host, Wonder Woman orders Hal and the Invinci-Bros to bring the Legion to a safe place. After that, they don't appear again.


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  • The lineup of members of this version is similar to that of their first appearance in the Super Friends series, since it includes most of the villains that made up this team, with the difference that the original lineup had thirteen members instead of ten, plus here Star Sapphire replaces Sinestro.