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This article is about Lex Luthor (G1). For the generation two version, see Lex Luthor (G2).

Lex Luthor is a villain in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is the main antagonist of the graphic novel Finals Crisis and the older brother of Lena Luthor.


Lex Luthor has pale skin, orange eyebrows, and light green eyes. He does not have any hair. His jawline and chin are very square. He wears a green power suit (including shoulder and groin armor) with purple detailing all over it and a symbol on the chest. He also wears purple gloves and boots. He normally wears a purple helmet with his suit that has holes for his eyes, nose, and mouth.


Finals Crisis[]

In Finals Crisis, Lex Luthor appears as a shadowy figure hiding in the trees and shoots Supergirl in the leg with a Kryptonite dart, before crossing her name off a list also containing the names of her friends. The figure then goes after the other names on the list one by one: He lures Poison Ivy to a LexCorp Garden Supply Store using an ad for a sale on "Radioactively Enhanced Super-Grow Fertilizer". When she arrives, Lex traps her inside and battles her. As the inside of the store is sanitized, with no plants growing inside, he defeats and captures her. He then attracts Bumblebee to an alley using an appetizing scent of honey, before ripping the battery out of flight pack, enabling him to kidnap her in a net. He then sneaks up on Katana while she puts back the repaired bowling trophy on Principal Waller's desk, and snatches her sword, using his suit's stealth technology. They battle, but he defeats her using his suit's high speed reactive movement and ties her up and puts her in the back of his van. Later that evening, Lex uses a recording of Steve Trevor calling for help to lure Wonder Woman. When Wonder Woman near the LexCorp Garden Supply store. While she picks up the speaker playing the recording, Lex swipes her Lasso of Truth from her, and then ties her up with it. Later, when Batgirl attempts to study for Semester Finals in her only completely soundproof Batcave in the Super Hero High School Faculty Lounge, he kidnaps her as she enters in the darkness of the Batcave, and crosses off her name as the final one on his list. The next day, Harley Quinn arrives at Lexcorp Garden Supply searching for her missing friends. Seeing her trying to break in through his cameras, he activates a trap door right under her, making her fall into the kryptonite cell that the rest of the girls are trapped in. Lex reveals his identity to the girls, and proceeds to record a "Lex-date" to his fans the "Lex-ites", revealing that he kidnapped Super Hero High's top students so that his sister Lena, who was rejected for failing the psych test and also built his suit, could enroll at the school. While he streams, the girls manage free themselves and sneak up behind him and attack him. The girls work together to defeat him, and Bumblebee shrinks to enter his suit and deactivates it. After defeating him, the girls lock him in the cell and alert the Metropolis S.C.U. that that they need a villain pickup. Later, as the girls arrive late for Semester Finals, Lois Lane sends Batgirl Lex's stream, which shows them working together to defeat him. They argue that it proves that their powers have increased since first arriving at Super Hero High School, as it shows that they can now combine their powers. Principal Waller passes them on their Semester Finals.[1]


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