Lex Luthor is the main antagonist of Finals Crisis and the main rival of Superman.


Lex Luthor has pale skin, orange eyebrows, and light green eyes. He does not have any hair. His jawline and chin are very square. He wears a green power suit (including shoulder and groin armor) with purple detailing all over it and a symbol on the chest. He also wears purple gloves and boots. He normally wears a purple helmet with his suit that has holes for his eyes, nose, and mouth.


Lex, hiding in the shadows, shoots Supergirl in the leg with a Kryptonite dart. Lex lures Ivy to him with a fake "Mega Sale!!! 50% Off All Radioactively Enhanced Super-Grow Fertilizer!" tag. When she arrives, Lex traps her in. She tries to fight back, but Lex ties her up with rope. Lex draws Bumblebee to him using a appetizing scent. When she arrives in the alley Lex is hiding in, he takes away her power and kidnaps her. Lex sneaks up on Katana while she puts back the statue she accidentally broke (but fixed). She attacks him, but he ties her up and puts her in the back of his van. Lex plants a speaker which repeats Steve saying "Help! Somebody help me!" over and over. When Wonder Woman finds it, she picks it up. While she picks it up, Lex swipes her lasso of truth from her, and then ties her up with it. Batgirl goes to hide in her super-secret batcave in the faculty lounge at Super Hero High. She arrives, but all of the lights are off. Lex proceeds to use this as a opportunity to kidnap Batgirl. Harley goes to the Lexcorp Garden Supply where Lex kidnapped Ivy and tries to break in. Lex, seeing on his cameras that Harley is there, activates a secret door right under where Harley is standing, making her fall into the cell that the rest of the girls are trapped in. Lex reveals his identity to the girls, and proceeds to record a "Lex-date". He reveals that he kidnapped the girls so Lena could enroll at Super Hero High (and that she built his suit). While he records this, the girls sneak up behind him and attack him. Bumblebee shrinks down, goes into his suit, and deactivates it. The girls proceed to lock him in the cell and call the Metropolis S.C.U and alert them that they need a villain pickup.[1]


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