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This article is about Lex Luthor (G2). For the generation one version, see Lex Luthor (G1).

Alexander "Lex" Luthor is a recurring character in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise, who appears as the main antagonist in the episode #AllyCat. He is the older brother of Lena Luthor and the son of Minerva Luthor. He is the leader of Legion of Doom


At first, Lex seemed to be a nice and polite person trying to make the world a better place with his wealth and technology. However, in reality, he is a manipulative, cunning, greedy, and megalomaniacal figure. When he saw the Super Hero Girls, he knew they would be a threat to his plans for world domination. He's also proven to be quite delusional, saying the was going to build a new and better world after a meteorite hits Metropolis. He is also narcissistic and arrogant.



Lex is the owner of LexCorp, citing himself as the youngest mega billionaire in history through its groundbreaking innovations. On the surface the company helps people adjust to modern technology use through illustration; accumulating the attention of the world towards Metropolis. In a commercial, he introduces the VR goggles to visionize people. But his younger sister, whom was also in the advertisement, uses her brother's sensitive technology for her own evil, if spoiled and misguided, intentions. She would trap all teenagers across town in their own virtual world and children in Metropolis will invade whilst they were all preoccupied. After her defeat, thanks to the Super Hero Girls, Lena Luthor was taken away. Though their mother was outside talking to her son about his ruined mech the destroyed building, Sweet Justice. The Luthor family, and Lena, are going somewhere else, leaving Lex by his lonesome, he saw the Girls, who had just saved the day. Shooting them an intense, inquisitive leer; contemplating what if he did have evil plans of his own and who could he get help from. Curiously, he stared in their direction one last time in slight hatred and jealousy and walked away.

He appears again in the episode, Ally Cat, only to be revealed that he is indeed a criminal Mastermind. He gets his company to dig up a large hole in Stonehenge where there he discovers a Book of Prophecies, with it Luthor can predict any future he sees written in its text. Lex successfully attempts to trap all the superheroes in Metropolis using knowledge he'd gleaned from reading the Book of Eternity, Lex uses it to predict upcoming events with pinpoint accuracy. He manages to trap the Super Hero Boys and Superman long before the ladies were about to head out. As the Super Hero Girls were gearing up to steal the book, Lex calls upon Catwoman with an offer of paying handsomely to lead them into a trap. But she later turns on him after the former reveals that the book prophesized a planet busting meteor will destroy not only Metropolis, but the entire planet; an event he'd let come to pass so as to come off as a hero to the survivors and rule the world. Remaking it in his image; even going so far as to rename it later down the line. Selina sets the hero girls free by ripping a page out of the book so Lex cannot predict her actions. The girls thwart his plan hoping it'll lead to his arrest, but he soon comes up on the telly surrounded by security detail claiming he only detained the heroes because they were trespassing on his property. But when he got back to Lexcorp, he discovers Catwoman sneakily steals all of Lex's gadgets and food from him, with the Bros and Superman still locked inside, and started groan.


Lex has a bald head (after a chemical accident), his outfit consists of a purple shirt with sleeves rolled on to his elbows, a green vest, and dark blue pants.

Powers and Skills[]


  • Genius Level Intellect
    • Science
    • Robotic Engineering
  • Business Management
  • Deception


  • Warsuit

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- Lex likes snickerdoodle cookies