Alexander "Lex" Luthor is a recurring character in DC Super Hero Girls. He is also the brother of Lena Luthor and the son of Minerva Luthor.


Lex was the owner of Lexcorp. It helps people use modern technology to illustrate the attention of the world. In the commercial, he introduces the VR goggles to visionize people. But his sister was in the commercial. She was the one who uses her brother's sensitive technology, and children in Metropolis will invade. After the defeat, thanks to the Super Hero Girls, she was taken away. Though their mother was outside talking to her son about the destructed building, Sweet Justice. The Luthor family, and Lena, are going somewhere else. With Lex alone, he saw the Girls, who have just save the day. What if he does evil plans if he could get help? Curious, he stared one last time and walk away.

He appears again in the episode, Ally Cat, only to be revealed that he is indeed a criminal Mastermind. He gets his company to dig up a large hole in Stonehenge where there he discovers the Book of Prophecies, where he can create any future he wants. Lex tries to trap all the superheroes in Metropolis using the knowledge he gains from the Book of Eternity which predicts the future. He manages to trap the Super Hero Girls and the Super Hero Boys. As they were about to head out, Lex tells Catwoman that what he wrote in the book is to predict a meteor that will destroy Metropolis so he can enslave the survivors and rule not just what's left of Metropolis, but the entire planet. Catwoman sets the girls free by ripping a page out of the Book of Eternity so Lex can't predict her actions. The girls thwart his plan and lead to his arrest, but he is soon released because he claims he only detained the heroes because they were trespassing on his property. But when he got back to Lexcorp, he discovers Catwoman sneakily steals all of Lex's gadgets and food from him, with the Bros and Superman still locked inside, and started groan.


Lex has a bald head (after a chemical accident), his outfit consists of a purple shirt with sleeves rolled on to his elbows, a green vest, and dark blue pants.

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