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License to Fly is the sixth webisode of Season 2 of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries, and is the nineteenth episode overall. It was first released on June 30th, 2016.


In front of Super Hero High School, Supergirl and Wonder Woman fly up to Batgirl and her new Batjet. When Batgirl asks them if they should try it out, Red Tornado shows up and explains that she's not allowed to fly without a license to do so.

He then asks Batgirl if she ready for her flyer's exam, who excitedly replies that she is. As she begins her exam in the Batjet, Wonder Woman and Supergirl wave her off. Red Tornado grades her from the passenger's seat as the Batjet flies into Metropolis. He tells her that her first task being to take a left at that Daily Globe building. When Batgirl does so, she nearly hits Beast Boy, while he's flying nearby as a pterodactyl.

As Batgirl notices him tumble through the sky, Red Tornado tells her that her next task will be a Save-the-Day exercise. He pushes a button on a remote, causing a cutout of Solomon Grundy to prop up on school premises and instructs Batgirl to capture it. Batgirl deploys a large net from the Batjet, but accidentally catches the Lady Justice statue on the school fountain and knocks it over as she approaches the cutout. Red Tornado tells her to land as the final task. Batgirl's landing however, is less than graceful as she jerks the Batjet, partially knocks it into a tree, and lands on the roof of the school on its hind wheels, causing the front to land abruptly and knocking the front wheels off. Red Tornado finishes grading her and gives her an "F".

As Batgirl despairs over failing her flyer's exam, she sees Supergirl and Wonder Woman fly by and gets the idea that they can help her practice. Bumblebee signals to Batgirl to successfully lift off the ground, before she and Hawkgirl help her to fly forward. Wonder Woman joins in and steers her from flying into a building. As she sighs in relief, she then follows Supergirl who helps her roll the plane to fly between buildings. As Batgirl continues to fly the jet and her friends cheer for her outside, Red Tornado suddenly lands on the front of the jet and gives her detention for flying without a license. As Red Tornado carries the Batjet through the air, Supergirl explains to Batgirl through the cockpit that now she has time to study for her next flyer's exam. Batgirl then groans in frustration.




  • In this episode, Batgirl receives her Batjet.
  • The title of this webisode references the 80s movie, License to Kill.