License to Fly is the sixth webisode of Season 2.


The episode starts off in the courtyard in Super Hero High, where Batgirl is showing off her new Bat-jet to Supergirl and Wonder Woman, with Batgirl excitedly asking whether or not to take it out for a spin. However Red Tornado shows up and explains that she's not aloud to fly without a license to do so.

Red Tornado asks her whether or not she's ready for her flyers exam, with Batgirl saying yes. She then takes off to start her Flying test with Red Tornado, with Wonder Woman and Supergirl waving her off. Red Tornado begins to test her, with her first task being to take a left at that Daily Globe building. Batgirl complies and goes to the left, but nearly manages to hit Beast Boy, while he's flying as a pterodactyl.

Red Tornado then explains how her next task would be a Save-the-Day task and asks Batgirl to use the jet's net gun to try and capture a cardboard cut-out of Solomon Grundy. However when she tries Batgirl accidently nets the courtyard fountain, tearing it out of the ground. The final test she's assigned is landing the vehicle. Batgirl's landing however, is less than graceful and accidently knocks into a tree, ending in a crash and Red Tornado giving Batgirl an F on her test.

After managing to accumulate an F on flying test, Batgirl asks her flying friends to help her practice for her second attempt. Bumblebee helps Batgirl to successfully lift off the ground, Hawkgirl helps her to fly forward with Bumblebee, Wonder Woman then helps Barbara turn her jet to avoid a building, with Supergirl helping her to fly between a gap. Everything's going great and Batgirl does a victory lap with the jet, but Red Tornado then shows up, angry at her for flying with no license, giving her a detention.


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