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The following is a list of goofs, errors, and mistakes in the series DC Super Hero Girls and Super Shorts.

Note: There is a difference between a goof (a mistake made by the directors/writers) and intentional gag shots (a mistake made by a character, or a "mistake" made on purpose as a joke or reference).

Season 1[]

Sweet Justice[]

  • Part 2, when the girls are at the spa for Wonder Woman's "Normal Teenage Girl" lessons, a close up of Barbara's feet are shown to have five toes, but in the next scene, where she's kicking the water she has four toes.

Hate Triangle[]

  • When the bus pulls up to the school, the text on the bus stop sign overlaps the bus.

Burrito Bucket[]

  • Barbara's nametag at the beginning misspells Barbara's name as "Babra."

She Might Be Giant[]

  • The only point is that the suit dazzled in episodes before the start of the episode is "Meet The Cheetah," "Beeline" and "Shock It To Me" and even she, Doris Zeul, transformed herself into Giganta by the amount of the weird that appeared before she turned into Beeline.

Back In a Flash[]

  • Baby Barbara has five toes on her right foot, but only four toes on her left foot.
  • Babs was going to pay for the soon-to-be sold out comic with a card, despite the fact it was three years ago, before she moved to metropolis and even before getting a card.

Power Surge[]

  • When Power Girl is about to punch Barbara, Barbara is suddenly wearing her Batgirl mask and Power Girl's missing her cape.

Scrambled Eggs[]

  • "How" was transcribed as "Oh" and "Ya" was transcribed as "You" in closed captions.
  • When Kara and Harleen were crying, Kara's ripped pants tear is on the right side, but when the egg falls out of the truck, the tear is on the left side.
  • This episode is copyrighted 2020 despite premiering in 2019.

Ally Cat[]

  • After the girls and Catwoman fell into Lex's private elevator, Jessica is shown to have four toes rather than five. Also, her leg is shown to be bare despite her waitress outfit having her wear black pants.

Dinner for Five[]

  • When Barbara took off her sneakers at the Wilson's house, she is shown to have yellow tips on both the toe and heel side, yet in "Sweet Justice" her socks were shown to have yellow and purple stripes on them instead.
    • Also her sneakers couldn't even touch the carpet in the dinning room due to her feet not touching the ground.

Living the Nightmare[]

  • When the girls are seen sleeping after Babs' claim of staying all night, Kara is seen sleeping the left, but when her foot (the one with the holes to see her toes) is near Zee's face, it indicates that she is sleeping on the right side and even it was true, her foot (the one with the no holes) would be facing away from Zee's face and instead be near Diana's feet.

All About Zee[]

  • Diana was near a kitten that Casey gave to her and the others, yet in "Rage Cat" she was shown to be allergic to Dexter when Jessica tried to find him a home.
  • When Casey gave Zee her latte, when Zee walks away, her body is slightly cut in half.
  • When the Girls and Casey (Disguising herself as Zee) are at Sweet Justice enjoying their desserts, Karen's honey blonde highlights is not seen when she is drinking her ice cream float.

Breaking News[]

  • At the news, the headline was "Killer Moth and HER army of Moth-Monsters Invading Metropolis". But apparently, Killer Moth is actually male.

League Of Shadows[]

  • In the first part, the title card does not include the words "Part 1". However, this was fixed by online videos.

The Bird and the Bee[]

  • When the Super Hero Teens are about to take the robot on, Hal, Flash, and Green Arrow are missing.
    • Also, the Teens are seen standing side by side. But in the next shot, they are seen standing behind Wonder Woman.
  • Continuity Error: In the short "Shell Shock," Supergirl is seen taking out a fire in a building alone with her freeze breath, but in this episode, the Super Hero Teens are taking out a fire together. However, this may just happen to be a different situation where the Super Hero Teens decide to take out the fire together.
    • Also, when the Teens are about to take care of the fire, Hal isn't glowing.
  • When Karen drops the students' paintings, she takes a look at the picture Carter drew. In the next shot, the students' paintings are back to normal.

School Ghoul[]

  • Katana's hair go through her mask, but it is not colored

Awesome Aunt Antiope[]

  • If Antiope "stole" a car while escaping from the cops, does this mean that at Sweet Justice, she also "stole" a motorbike on the way there or did she really own it? Anyway, it isn't possible that she knows how motorbikes work, but not cars.

The Fresh Princess of Ren Faire[]

  • In Part 1, When Diana is walking the other direction of the bleachers, she is shown to wear flats but before during the faire Diana was seen wearing sandals instead.
  • In Part 2, there were some scenes where Jess's eyes appear to be glowing green. However, in the majority of both episodes, her eyes are brown even if she was glowing anyway. Some of these scenes include:
    • When she was shooting arrows towards the water tank; and
    • When she was saving Zatanna at the tower.
  • In Part 1, Kara's overindulgence in turkey legs left her visibly fat and lethargic. By Part 2, she's returned to normal with no explanation or acknowledgment.

Season 2[]

Am Batgirl[]

  • While the title has been revealed, it's missing the letter "I". It should titled, #IAmBatgirl.

The Warrior and the Jester[]

In numerous scenes throughout the episode, Harleen's boots seems to switch colors.

  • When she was in Sweet Justice in the beginning of the episode, her boots were both blue rather than red and blue.
  • On the bus to Gotham with Diana, both of her boots has red soles rather than red and blue.

Nightmare in Gotham[]

  • In Batgirl's explanation of Harley secretly switching the Plunger Detonator off with her foot, the flashback shows that her both her shoe and stocking were both red rather then it being a red shoe and black stocking.

Super Shorts[]

Kara Care[]

  • When Kara is on the recliner, a quick glimpse of her right foot was shown to have her big toe was the wrong position of her foot.

Let Them Eat Pie[]

  • When Barbara and Jessica try to stop Diana from eating the remaining pies, Barbara's ponytail briefly overlaps from her hoodie.

Remote Uncontrolled[]

  • When Harleen bursts her gum, her boots change that color, a blue boot is in the left side and a red boot is in the right side.

The Slow And The Furious[]

  • When Jessica stopped the car before it hit the other car, a close up of her foot shows that instead of hitting the brake pedal, she actually hit the accelerator pedal instead.
  • When Jessica tells the girls to get out the van, Barbara & Karen leave in the back row even though there is no door there. (They phased through the van.)

Lost And Found[]

  • When Karen is feeding the birds, her yellow highlights are on the right side of her hair, but when she turns her head, the highlights are on the left side.
  • Barbi is left uncredited for unknown reasons.

Tough Crowd[]

  • It wasn't necessary for Zee to have Barbara to act as the leg part for the "sawing herself in half" trick since her magic is real.

Sofa So Good[]

  • When mama hit the hat in victim, that inaudible hit can't be heard.

The Bee Stands Alone[]

  • Coach, Barbie, and Diana are left uncredited for unknown reasons.
  • When one of the girls on Karen's side is hit by a dodgeball and loses one of her shoes, it shows that both her and the shoe were separated while in the next shot, the shoe is next to her.

The Commute[]

  • Supergirl is uncredited for unknown reasons.


Space House[]

TTG's Loose Continuity[]

Just like any other episode from the show, this crossover displays its loose continuity among all the characters, events, places, etc.

  • In Part 1, despite Robin mutating into a Starro-like creature, he turns to normal in the next episode.
  • In Part 2, although Beast Boy became a hybrid creature (which may imply that he may not be able to turn back to his normal self), he turns to normal in the next one.
  • In Part 3, despite all that remains in Cyborg is his head, he gets his robot body back in the next episode, regardless of what happened in this episode.
  • In Part 4, the superheroes decide to stay and live in the Space House forever, but in future episodes in both shows, they're back to their respective universes.

Part 1[]

  • In Part 1, when Kara is shown in her pajamas, it was shown that she has a hole on her right sock that only shows her big toe but in the other appearances, it was all five of her toes being shown in her pajamas. However, in the next few frames, she has one hole again
  • Batgirl's room is an anti-gravity room, so everything inside it should be floating. Instead, Batgirl is the only one floating, while everything else is just sitting in their places.
  • In a TTG episode "Don't Press Play," Robin couldn't do a double backflip, but in here, he can do a triple backflip. (Logically, one must master the double backflip before doing the triple one.)
  • When Green Lantern was looking at the view of her room, her Green Lantern ring isn't seen in her hand.

Part 2[]

  • In Part 2, when Jessica loses her Power Ring, she remains in her Green Lantern costume rather than transforming back to her normal clothing.

Part 3[]

  • Starfire had drips of juice over her face. When the alarm was activated, said drips disappeared all of a sudden.
  • Also, the glass that had the juice completely vanished out of thin air.

Part 4[]

  • In Part 4, the Space House dome closes, but Wonder Woman's hand phases through it.


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Season 2[]



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