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What up, Metropolis? The name's Livewire. And you thought what Leslie was doing was mean in spirit. Well, you ain't seen nothing yet. I'm gonna supe things up. As in: super-prank, super-laughs, and super-humiliation. And Wonder Whiner and the Super Hero Girls - just try and stop me!
~ Livewire "Shock It To Me"

Leslie Willis (also known as Livewire) is a recurring character in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. Willis is a member of the Super Villain Girls and a student at Metropolis High School.


According to Lauren Faust, each of the Super Villain Girls is based on a deadly motivation in a similar vein to the seven deadly sins, with Livewire's being sadism.[1]


Livewire is a troublemaker. She also likes causing a lot of naughtiness with others. She enjoys spending time with her pals especially Doris. She always want to get likes of her videos of people being humiliated.

However while she can dish it out, she can't take it. While she loves to humiliate others, she hates people laughing at her.


  • Electricity Manipulation
  • Electricity Absorption
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Electro-kinetic Flight


  • Water
  • Teasing


Leslie is a tall and thin teenager with fair skin, rosy-cheeks, brown eyes and black, chin-length hair with blue streaks, shaved into a mohawk. She also sported maroon-purple lipstick on her lips.

As a civilian, Leslie wears a black choker around her neck, a dark gray strapless top under a black leather jacket with silver studs and pointed shoulder-pads, light gray leggings under a ripped black miniskirt held by a studded black belt, and a pair of navy-blue biker boots with black soles and black belt straps, with silver buckles. She also accessorizes with three silver piercings on her left ear.

As Livewire, her appearance changed quite drastically; she becomes light blue-skinned with slight darker-colored cheeks, sky-blue eyes, pointy ears, vampire-like teeth, and glowing-blue hair styled into a traditional mohawk. Her supervillain attire consists of a black bodysuit with spiked shoulder-pads and a medium-blue spiked-pattern adorning from the high collar to the chest, glowing-blue elbow-length gloves and black thigh-high boots with spiked, medium-blue soles.

Deciption in the series[]

Season 1[]

In "She Might Be Giant", Leslie appears along with her friend Doris on the school football field bullying Karen. Doris and Leslie lead her to the locker room, where she locks Karen in the lockers. Later, in Doris's house, Leslie was talking to Doris, when suddenly the weights she was lifting fall on top of her. Later, she reappears with Doris on the next school day (while the latter wants to continue her routine of bullying Karen). Doris throws her football ball at Karen, who surprisingly catches it.

In "Shock It To Me", after Lois Lane turns down Leslie's offer to share her gossip column for the school newspaper, saying that gossip is bad, Leslie gets back at Lois by sending her an electric shock spark through a power socket into Lois's computer which shocks her. Leslie videos Lois getting jolted and spilling coffee on herself, and posts the video on the website MetropoVids. A montage plays featuring various characters having electrical equipment sparkle and malfunction around them, and electrical arcs directly shocking people, with Leslie's MetropoVids page gaining tens of millions of followers.

Diana sees the team laugh at a video of Garth with an electrically-shocked starfish clinging to his face. She is surprised to hear that "the world of man" finds the suffering of others humorous. Lois passes Leslie on her way to the journalism club room, and when she touches the door handle Leslie fires a bolt of electricity at the handle which shocks Lois. The students in the hall laugh, while Diana looks at her friends with disapproval.

At the mall, Leslie watches a crowded elevator rise, and laughs to herself when electricity starts crackling in her hand. Diana is nearby and hears screaming, then stops the plummeting elevator from crashing by catching it with the Lasso of Truth as Wonder Woman. The crowd cheers, but Leslie angrily accuses Wonder Woman of ruining her shot. Wonder Woman tells Leslie she thinks her videos are mean-spirited, and Leslie sarcastically recants, though Wonder Woman takes it as a genuine renunciation of the mean-spirited videos.

Leslie announces in a video that she is retiring and handing over the channel to Livewire, who challenges the Super Hero Girls to try and stop her. Supergirl, Green Lantern, Zatanna, Batgirl, and Bumblebee trying to stop Livewire, but they each get beat, with humiliating videos of them posted on MetropoVids. Livewire stages a major event at Glen Morgen square and challenges the Super Hero Girls to come. The girls are too humiliated to fight her except Wonder Woman. When Wonder Woman gets beaten, the crowd gasps in dismay at her suffering. The girls come to her aid, and Livewire charges herself with electricity from the surrounding buildings, plunging Metropolis into a blackout while the crowd screams and scatters. Livewire finds herself out of electric charge when she tries attacking the girls a second time, and the crowd laughs at her and takes photos of her. She turns into a bolt of electricity and disappears into a cellphone. At home, Leslie finds that she lost all of her followers on her MetropoVids website.

In "Frenemies", she, Giganta, Catwoman, Star Sapphire and Poison Ivy befriends Harley Quinn in Part 1 and in the end of the episode, they've formed a villain team. In Part 2, they vandalize the city by stealing jewels, causing chaos and fear, and destroying buildings and properties of the city.

In "Beeline," Livewire is seen with the other girls, with Harley Quinn planning to destroy the bridge so Mrs. Johnson couldn't give her a math test the next day.

In "Soul Sisters," it was shown that Katana took her soul along with the rest of the Super Villain Girls. Not long after that, she was alive in Batgirl's bedroom after Katana realizes that being a hero doesn't mean taking someone's soul away.

In "Crash Course", Livewire is seen with Catwoman and Harley Quinn in a car that Harley stoled. Wonder Woman chases them during their test of conscience while Catwoman goes full speed breaking traffic laws.

In "Back In a Flash," Leslie publicly exposed Babs for farting at school, making her the target of ridicule. She is then seen along whit Carol, Pam, Garth, Hal Jordan and Oliver laugh at Babs for what happened to her at school, after a few seconds after Babs and Barry return from their time travel, they look at both of them as if the world has taken a turn around them. Later, after restoring the original timeline, Babs makes a small change, cause when Leslie is about to expose her for farting again, she proudly says that it was her, gleefully adding "you're welcome."

In "Power Surge", Livewire battled Supergirl in a light plant, where she harnessed its energy to charge herself up and with a powerful attack defeated the Kryptonian. The city presumes Supergirl dead, and Livewire celebrates her victory, even posting her own assassination attempt. But Kara survived Livewire's attack and decides to change her identity as Power Girl, with which she becomes famous and independent of her friends. Livewire challenges Kara now as Power Girl to face her in the same light plant where she defeated her as Supergirl. Power Girl goes to the light plant and fights Livewire, but is also defeated with Livewire's same attack. When it seemed that the citizens had lost their hero again, Kara returned as Supergirl and fought Livewire through her original identity and her double Power Girl, ultimately defeating her.

In "Scrambled Eggs", Leslie was paired up with Tatsu Yamashiro to take care of an egg for their home EC assignment. Leslie tricked Tatsu into a prank handshake with the egg in her hand, breaking the egg and causing them to fail the assignment. Since Leslie didn't appear not take part on the students' fight for the last egg, it's implied she didn't care about having to do summer school.

Super Shorts[]

Season 2[]

In "Cruz Control", Oswald Cobblepot has Leslie to help him in the selection for class president. She starts twisting Jess's champaign with a little video altering. Then on the day of the election, Livewire and the Penguin fake a fight, in hopes for making Cobblepot pose as a hero and win the election. After a freak accident that ends up shorting the microphone in Lois Lane's mug of coffee, Livewire takes advantage of the situation to get back at Oswald for neglecting to pay for his favors. She then leaves during the chaos.

In "Why So Blue?", Livewire causes chaos in Metropolis when Ted Kord, now a superhero under the alias "Blue Beetle", appears to fight her, but he is badly outmatched against her. When Supergirl arrives, Blue Beetle devises a plan and the two manage to freeze Liverwire in a block of ice. After frozen, she is taken by the police.

Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse[]

Livewire appears along with the Super Villain Girls during a fight against the Super Hero Girls on top of a moving train; until she was tied up along with the other villains. Suddenly, the team was teleported and rescued by Lex Luthor for join to the Legion of Doom alongside him and other villains. It's then that Lex tells his team that he has the power to get rid of the superheroes by using the Amulet of Cythonna to lock them in the Phantom Zone. Livewire, along with Solomon Grundy, confronted Hawkman and Aqualad who were locked up in the Phantom Zone.

A little later, the Legion locked almost the entire Justice League in the Phantom Zone. She along with the Super Villain Girls corner Wonder Woman, but Harley Quinn lunges at her only to secretly help her escape from the Hall of Doom. After that, Livewire along with the Legion was controlled by Cythonna, and they fought against the superheroes, but were defeated by them. She at the end appears to be tied together with the rest of the villains, who were left out of the control of the evil Kryptonian goddess.



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  • Livewire is the only Super Villain Girls' member that doesn't have a real counterpart in the original 2015 web series.
  • She along with Giganta are the most powerful members of the Super Villain Girls, as well as the most evil of the team.