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I don't have fears or insecurities, hidden or otherwise, and I simply don't understand why you girls would, either. You're all too fabulous for that sort of thing.
~ Zee Zatara

#LivingTheNightmare is the thirty-seventh episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.


The episode starts with Kara having a nightmare about cockroaches invading her bedroom, to which she wakes up screaming and flailing in fear briefly. The girls are having a sleepover at Zee's house. Kara and the other girls talk about how they hate having nightmares. Zee however claims she has no insecurities and doesn't understand how anyone could get nightmares. While the rest of the girls are afraid to go to sleep, Babs assures them they'll be up all night, only to be fast asleep with the rest of the gang shortly afterwards. As Zee was sleeping peacefully, Kara's foot appears in front of her face, leading Zee to push her foot away from her, Which resulted in Kara ends up kicking Zee in her sleep, waking her up. Zee then notices her friends twitching and mumbling in their sleep. Zee decides to investigate the source by using her magic, starting with her closest friend Karen Beecher.

Zee enters Karen's dream, which so happens to be about her worst fear: Public Speaking. A creepy voice mocks her along with the crowd laughing at Karen being tearfully humiliated, even put in a bunny pajama suit from her Aunt Carol seconds later. Zee tries to wake Karen up, but to no avail.

Zee notices a creepy gremlin-like creature sneaking past the crowd and hopping into a portal into another dream. She follows the monster suit and ends up in Diana's dream, where she's in the middle of the woods surrounded by living teddy bears, which is Diana's fear. The bears pile on top of and suffocate Diana as she tries to fight them off. One of the bears with an evil face jumps though the portal from Kara's dream, where she's being chased by cowboy cockroaches in the middle of nowhere to Babs's dream, where's she's being chased by sharks, which is Babs's greatest fear. Zee then enters Jessica's dream, where she's in a dark library surrounded by monster books that are berating and hurting her. Zee tries to save Jessica, but her magic is non functional in the dream realm. Zee finally catches up with the monster in her own dream who's seemingly responsible for the cause of the other girl's nightmares, and he reveals himself to be Fuesli.

Zee then used her magic to entrap Fuseli in her own dream. However, he finds a tiny box underneath her bed which contains her greatest fear: A negative version of herself. Zee admits that she is afraid that she'll get overpowered by her own magic, but then she conquers her fear and absorbs all of the dark magic from negative Zee, and uses it to defeat Fuseli and get him out of her dream and into the real world. As the girls wake up, Zee tells them that Fuseli is powerless in the real world and that he was the cause of their nightmares in the first place. As punishment, Fuseli is forced to work with Babs at the Burrito Bucket.




  • This is the first episode in which Bumblebee had let her hair down.
  • This is Fuseli's debut.
  • This is the first time we see Jessica, Diana, and Karen in their pajamas.
  • This episode showcases the Super Hero Girls' fears:
    • Supergirl - bugs (or cockroaches in this case).
    • Wonder Woman - stuffed teddy bears.
    • Batgirl - sharks.
    • Green Lantern - rejection.
    • Bumblebee - public speaking.
    • Zatanna - her powers making her more powerful and evil.


  • The plotline to this whole episode is strikingly similar to an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic named "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" in a lot of ways.
    • The conflict where it involves Zatanna having to deal with her personal problems (in this case, the fear of herself) is similar to Princess Luna having to deal with her guilt in creating Tantabus to punish herself after becoming Nightmare Moon.
      • Also, both characters have magical abilities.
    • Fuseli travels to people's dreams, then turning them into nightmares, is similar to Tantabus doing so, but for ponies.
    • The girls having to sleep together in Zee's room is similar to Princess Luna and the Mane 6 sleeping in Twilight's bedroom.
    • The episode ending where the two characters conquer their fears, having to save the day, and move on from their problems.
  • The bunny pajamas Karen ends up in during her dream sequence is a reference to Ralphe's bunny pajamas in the classic holiday movie "A Christmas Story".
  • When Batgirl sprays the shark repellent to a shark, this is a reference to an scene where Batman fights against a shark in the 1966 Batman film.


  • This is the second time Zatanna's transformation sequence is seen; the previous since "Frenemies."


  • When the girls are seen sleeping after Babs' claim of staying all night, Kara is seen sleeping the left, but when her foot (the one with the holes to see her toes) is near Zee's face, it indicates that she is sleeping on the right side and even it was true, her foot (the one with the no holes) would be facing away from Zee's face and instead be near Diana's feet.


  • The Concept of the girls (minus Zee) having nightmares is similar to A Nightmare on Elm Street film series.


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