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[Opening time-skip. Supergirl's house at night.]
[Supergirl sleeps.]
Supergirl [yawns]
[Supergirl stomps a hideous bug... as she stomps three bugs. All bugs come to Supergirl. Supergirl destroys all the bugs... including her room. Supergirl screams.]
[Time-skip. Zatanna's house.]
Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) Kara, are you OK?
Supergirl Um... [chuckles] Yeah, yeah, just a little night. I guess.
Batgirl Ooh! I read in Batman's Guide to Criminal Psychoanalysis, 12th Edition, that nightmare are how our subconsciousnesses force us to look at our deepest insecurities and fears, and the emotions in them are actually the emotions we need to be examining in the real world 'cause they always connect to whatever's happening in our lives and they always tell us things about ourselves that our conscious minds can't handle or did I dream that.
Bumblebee [saddened] Oh! Nightmares are the worst.
Wonder Woman I despise nightmares.
Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) I do, too.
Zatanna What? Since when are all of you so nightmare-y?
Supergirl What, you don't have bad dreams?
Zatanna I don't have fears or insecurities, hidden or otherwise, and I simply don't understand why you girls would, either. You're all too fabulous for that sort of thing.
Bumblebee Can we please stop talking about this?
Batgirl Don't worry, Karen, there aren't gonna be any bad dreams at this sleepover 'cause we're gonna party ALL NIGHT LONG!
[Time-skip. Zatanna's house at night while the Superhero Girls are sleeping.]
[Supergirl moves Zatanna away.]
Zatanna Kara?
[The Superhero Girls are still sleeping.]
Zatanna What is going on?
[Zatanna opens Bumblebee's eye.]
Zatanna [gasps] Magic.
[Zatanna uses her spell book as she whispers at the chanting spell.]
Zatanna [gasps] Oh... Oh, my...
[The Superhero Girls are continued to sleep.]
Zatanna Well, if that's what it takes. [sleeps down]
[Zatanna is sleeping]
Zatanna .oG ni ym 'sdneirf smaerd ["Go in my friends' dreams." with a word reversed.]
[She chants a spell on the illusion called "Ghost Zatanna". Bumblebee is sleeping while "Ghost Zatanna" goes into Bumblebee's dream.]
[Time-skip. Bumblebee's dream.]
Bumblebee (Voice Echoing) Hello?
Bumblebee Hello?
Zatanna Karen. Oh, thank goodness you're all right.
Bumblebee I'm... Karen... Beecher. A-And... I'm... here... to... to...
Fuseli Get on with it, kid. We ain't getting any younger, you know?
Bumblebee I'm... here... to... to... give a speech about the quantum mechanical model of THE ATOM!!
Zatanna Oh, no. Public speaking: Karen's greatest fear!
Bumblebee Oh, no! I FORGOT TO STUDY!
Fuseli Tsk, tsk, tsk! So irresponsible.
[The suspects laugh maliciously.]
Zatanna KAREN!! This isn't real! If anything you studied too much, this is JUST a dream!!
Bumblebee [looks at a bunny suit] AAAH!!!! Not the bunny jammies from Aunt Carol!!
Fuseli [mocking] Aww, the baby's cwying... in front of the whole school! [laughing wickedly]
[The portal opens for Fuseli to go.]
Zatanna If she won't wake up, I've gotta find another way.
[Time-skip. Wonder Woman's dream.]
[Wonder Woman hurts Zatanna.]
Wonder Woman Silence! They approach: Jaws of steel, fangs like swords. Their kind have terrorized the forests of the Earth since time immemorial, ravaging whatever creature they should find for their supper. Yet, in the world of man, they place these monsters in the cradles... OF BABES!
[The green teddy appears.]
Two Teddies I like to hug.
Zatanna Wow. Really, Diana?
All Teddies I like to hug. I like to hug.
Wonder Woman Aaah! DEMONS!
[All the teddies chant "I Like To Hug".]
Wonder Woman UGH! Their horrible softness!
[All the teddies continue to chant "I Like To Hug". As soon as Fesuli appears. Fuseli laughs wickedly as he goes away.]
[Time-skip. Batgirl's dream.]
Zatanna Hello?
[Batgirl falls down.]
Batgirl ZEE! QUICK! RUUUUUN! [runs away]
Zatanna Heh, what now? Easter bunnies? [looks at the sharks falling down] Oh, yeah, that's much scarier!
[Both, Zatanna and Batgirl run as the sharks chase them.]
Batgirl Quick! Throw me the shark-repellent Bat-Spray!
Zatanna The what-y what what now?!
[The Bat-Sprays appear at Zatanna with the tray.]
Batgirl HURRY!
Zatanna Geez, Bats! Your nightmares are weirder than you are.
[Fuseli appears on the sharks chasing Zatanna.]
Zatanna YOU! What are you doing in my friends' dreams?!
Fuseli [laughing] Riding a flying shark. Typical Wednesday.
[Batgirl sprays the shark and Fuseli. Fuseli runs to the portal.]
[Time-skip. Supergirl's dream.]
[Zatanna chases after Fuseli.]
Supergirl AAH! HEEELP!
[Time-skip. Jessica Cruz's dream as she goes to Metropolis High School at night.]
Zatanna Who are you... you little creep!!?
Fuseli I am the bump in the night. I am the monster under the bed. I am Fuseli, Lord of Night Terrors!
Zatanna What, am I supposed to be impressed?? Why are you in my friends' dreams?!
Fuseli Ah-ah-ah~ Nightmares. That's what REAL fun is. Them delicious fears and insecurities to feed off of. [laughs wickedly to run off as Zatanna chases him]
Zatanna [gasps]
Fuseli This one here, there's a gold mine of fears and insecurities in these types. You just have to dig deep enough.
??? You're not good enough, Jessica Cruz!
Book #1 You're weak!
Book #2 Useless!
Book #3 The Green Lantern Corps made a huge mistake!
Fuseli [laughs]. These shelves sound just like my ex.
Zatanna Jess! Hang on! [her powers lost as Zatanna casts a failing spell] My powers!
Fuseli These nightmares belong to me. You ain't got no power here?
[Zatanna grunts angrily as the shelves falls down at Zatanna.]
Zatanna I have no power here. [uses chanting spell as her portal opens]
Fuseli Where you going? Things were just getting fun. [clicks fingers]
[Time-skip. Zatanna's dream.]
Fuseli Ugh, what's this? The "before" on a home makeover show?
Zatanna This, my rude little friend, is you making a critical mistake. You see, you're in my dream now. And since I have no fears or insecurities, that means you... have no power. But I DO! [transforms into Zatanna as a superhero]
Fuseli [mockingly] What, am I supposed to be impressed?
Zatanna UGH!! WHY YOU SLIMY LITTLE... [grunts]
Fuseli Speaking as a monster under the bed, you find the most entertaining things under here. [Zatanna gasps] What, you didn't know about this? Everyone's afraid of somethin'. Even you. Ooh, someone else magically locked these fears away FOR you. [laughs] Very interesting. It's like foreshadowing or something.
[The treasure opens as "Ghost Zatanna" accept she's blue.]
Zatanna [gasps, stammers] But that's... me.
Fuseli Your fear is the funnest kind.
["Ghost Zatanna" attacks Zatanna.]
Zatanna What... IS this?!
Fuseli You. You're afraid of yourself... and what your magic might do.
[Zatanna throws her drawer at "Ghost Zatanna". Fuseli laughs wickedly.]
Fuseli You're afraid that somewhere deep inside is something dark.
Zatanna [casting a spell] NO!
Fuseli Just. Like. HER.
"Ghost Zatanna" Crush...!
[Zatanna almost didn't get her powers back because "Ghost Zatanna" attacks her again.]
Fuseli So much for... [mimicking] Ooh, I'm Zatanna, I don't have no fears or insecurities. WRONG!
[Zatanna's force field cracks.]
Zatanna I... AM NOT... AFRAID!!!!!
[Zatanna uses her chanting spell as her force field breaks.]
Fuseli Whoa, whoa, whoa! What do you think you're doing?!?
Zatanna [grunts] You're right, Fuseli! [her eyes look purple] This IS my magic! ALL OF IT! WHAT I KNOW, WHAT I'VE YET TO DISCOVER, GOOD OR BAD, DARK OR LIGHT, IT'S MINE TO DO WITH... AS! I! CHOOSE!!!!!!!
[The enchanted light forms.]
Zatanna And I CHOOSE... to END YOUR REIGN, LORD OF NIGHT TERRORS! [drags away Fuseli] WAKE UP!
[Time-skip. Zatanna's house.]
[Zatanna wakes up.]
Fuseli [grunts] Let me go, you little...!
[The Superhero Girls almost wake up formerly. Wonder Woman wakes up.]
Zatanna Oh! Uh, girls, meet Fuseli... Lord of... well, nothing now. [chuckles nervously] He was causing your nightmares. But don't worry. Outside the dream realm, he's completely, totally, and utterly powerless. [lets go of Fuseli]
Fuseli HMPH!
Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) So... what do we do with him?
Zatanna [sigh] I don't know. Maybe something to do with hidden fears and insecurities?
[Time-skip. Burrito Bucket]
Fuseli That'll be... I don't know, 800 bucks or somethin'.
Male Teenager But, like, it says 49 cents.
Batgirl Make sure you're giving our customers the fair prices and quality product they expect from Burrito Bucket. Remember, if you can make it through your six-month quality control audit without any errors, you're eligible for a bonus. That'll sure help with the bills, am I right? And if you can make it to a year, you'll be on the middle management track. Gotta have dreams!
Fuseli What a nightmare.
[Time-skip. The End.]