DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
Speaker Dialogue
Diana Prince I do not understand! It has to be here somewhere! I was certain I put it with my books!
Kara Danvers Are you sure you didn't just leave it at home or, like, misplace it, or--
Diana Prince Impossible!! A true Amazon never loses sight of her weapons. These are not mere toys to be misplaced!
Kara Danvers Well then where'd you put it??
[Harley Quinn cackles as the Lasso appears.]
Harley Quinn The Lasso of Truth is MINE!!
[Time-skip. Diner, outside.]
Wife Is there anything better than being a vegan?
Husband [slurps] Hm, nope. And these vegan smoothies are so good I--
[The husband gets stuck by Lasso.]
Husband I would get my left arm for a burger right now!! MY LEFT ARM!
[The husband is free.]
Wife Me too..
[Time-skip. Metropolis High School]
Barbi Minerva And then I told the agency I'd never model for any magazine that wasn't European.
[Barbi gets stuck by Lasso.]
Barbi Minerva I'm not a natural blonde. These are extensions! Even my contacts are coloured! I'm a fraud!
[Barbi is free.]
[Time-skip. Bathroom.]
Hal Jordan Hey. [screen zooms in] You really are the best lookin' guy at school.
[Hal gets stuck by Lasso.]
Hal Jordan That's a lie, you're the best person at school, guy or girl. You're the best lookin' guy in all of Metropolis. It's entirely possible, you're the best lookin' guy in the whole Tri-State area, Hal Jordan.
[Time-skip. Outside.]
Karen Beecher And that one part in "Just Before Dusk 2: Just Before Dawn" when Kaitlyn said to Aiden that her life would be better if she's never left Michael was--
[Karen Beecher gets stuck by Lasso.]
Karen Beecher Michael's storyline is trite and lacks real emotion, and the actor who plays him is terrible!! No, Michael, I didn't mean it!! MICHAEL, NOOOOO!!!!!!!
[Time-skip. Lunchroom.]
Garth Bernstein Is this seat taken? Sooo... Have you read the latest issue of Star Battle Comics? [gets stuck by Lasso] It's true, all right?! It's ALL true! I'll admit it! I'm AQUALAD! Well, I guess my secret is out. Now you know the whole truth, the burden I've been carrying inside all these many years. I'm Aqualad, all right? Yes siree, superhero extraordinaire.
[Time-skip. City.]
Giganta GIGANTA SMASH!!!! [gets stuck by Lasso] "Giganta smash!", because Giganta is overcompensating for deep insecurity rooted in a quest for perfectionism and an overpowering fear of not being good enough and...
Man Aww, poor thing! She's not a monster, she's just misunderstood!
Man She's just lashing out because of the pain she feels.
Giganta I AM A MONSTER!! NO, REALLY! I... I... [sighs sadly]
Supergirl Any luck?
Wonder Woman Not yet. But we must find it. The Lasso's unlimited length could be a tactical nightmare in the wrong hands!
[Bank security alarm blaring.]
Harley Quinn All right-y, Lasso! Now to bungee my way to freedom! [falls down]
[Harley Quinn falls down. Harley Quinn looks down.]
Harley Quinn Uhh...
[Harley Quinn still falls down.]
Harley Quinn Wait! Is it working? IT'S WORKING! It's not working!!
[Harley Quinn then lands on a tree.]
Harley Quinn Nailed it!
Supergirl Ahem. [appears] You seem to be in a bit of a... bind.
Wonder Woman You shall be punished severely for your misdeeds!
Supergirl Uh, hold on. So, Harley Quinn... Let's have a little conversation, shall we?
[Harley Quinn sighs.]
[Time-skip. The End.]