Lucius Fox is the Weaponomics teacher at Super Hero High School.


Lucius Fox is a young man in his thirties, with black hair, brown eyes, black skin and a black mustache. He wears some black framed glasses, with a light blue shirt and magenta tie, with an orange sweater and slate grey blazer over top.


He is voiced by Phil LaMarr in the English version of the cartoon.

He appears inside the school with Barbara Gordon.[1]

He leads the Weaponomics class and gives Wonder Woman detention.[2]

While flying an invisible jetpack, he crashes into the amethyst at the top of Super Hero High before being saved by the combined efforts of Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. After the rescue, Cheetah reveals via the Lasso of Truth that she sabotaged his jetpack, and he later leaves with her and Amanda Waller.[3]


During the aftermath of Mandy Bowin's expulsion, he has to use a stinkbomb to keep his Weaponomics class engaged.[4]



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