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Lyssa is a minor character who made her debut on the episode, "Mother Knows Best".


Lyssa is an evil Goddess, calculating, patient and anxious, she is always hungry for the jealousy of her victims which gives her more power especially those of Wonder Woman which is a great source of envy for Lyssa.

Physical Appearance[]

Lyssa is described as a sickly, gaunt-looking woman with large cerulean eyes, wavy ankle-length auburn hair with leaves tangled in it, and always carries a curved golden staff.

she wears an ancient greek dress under a purple blanket.

When he feeds on enough negative emotions, his appearance changes greatly, becoming a young, winged humanoid figure in golden Greek armor.


Goddess Physiology:As Goddess Lyssa, she possesses all the standard attributes of an Olympian god.

Immortality: As Goddess Lyssa, she is immortal so she can never die.

Empowerment by Adoration: The more adored Lyssa is, the more power she acquires, in her case she must feed off negative emotions such as envy and frenzy.

Teleportation: Lyssa can teleport in an emerald green mist.

Episode Appearances[]


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