Mad Harriet is a member of the Female Furies.


Mad Harriet is an orange-skinned young extraterrestrial girl who has wild green hair, going down to her shoulders. She has white eyes and wears pink blush. She wears a silver headband, with silver shoulder pads, silver gauntlets, a white and black vest featuring a zebra stripe pattern and some green pants.


  • Immortality
  • Supernatural Condition
  • Enhanced Combat
  • Ergokinetic Claws
  • Enhanced Clawmanship
  • Gauntlet Proficiency


She is voiced by Misty Lee in the English version of the cartoon. Jennifer Hale voiced her in the English version of the DC Super Hero Girls LEGO shorts.

She is seen battling her fellow Furies in Apokolips, and is later seen fighting in the foyer of Super Hero High.[1] She is later taken down by Cheetah and placed in a locker and then taken to jail along with the rest of the furies.